Assessing the Availability of Domain Names

Ensure that your domain name is available

Alongside you, we will design a set of domain names that serves your business needs and complements your trademark portfolio. We handle all domain name registrations and analyses.  

Before registering a domain name, you should consider the following:
  • Which names will be protected
  • Where will they be protected
  • Which registration channels will be used 
  • How to monitor for infringements of your domain names, or the adoption of similar domain names

Selection of search channels is part of careful design, which reduces the risk of domain names falling into the hands of third parties. Get off the starting grid quickly, because domain names tend to be granted to the first applicant.

Our domain name search will enable you to check whether the domain name you want is available securely, quickly and free-of-charge. The search will not expose the possible domain name to the ever-increasing risk of domain name scams, particularly slamming. You can search globally, or restrict the search to the desired geographic areas. The search result is based on a database of domain name registers maintained by our partners, which enables automated lookups for ‘whois’ data.


Domain name management is becoming more challenging. In practice, a company's internet address could be almost any string of characters, and the number of domains is growing exponentially. Domain names can be based on different types of writing systems and endings can now be chosen more freely. Businesses must pay closer attention to their own domain name policies. In addition, a well-designed domain name portfolio is easier to manage and control.

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