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Systematic trademark watch pays off in China – Saga Furs won long-running trademark dispute in Beijing Supreme Court

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Take-off to growth! Kide Science makes children excited about science in both Finland and China

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How does your story end when you recount the coronavirus spring from your rocking chair?

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IPR survey: According to corporate decision-makers, innovation is an important success factor

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Safety glass and windshields fresh out of the furnace! TaiFin Glass was born directly onto the global market

[cases, patents]

Finland and Novatron lead the digitalisation of the earthmoving industry – patents secure the leading position in the global market

[cases, patents]

Towards cleaner air and better cars – Pegasor’s sensor technology and IPR portfolio are ready for major partnerships

[patents, people, Blogs]

Experience, scale and internationality: the three cornerstones of our strong biotechnology and chemistry team

[cases, legal services, Trademarks]

A victory in the EU Court of Justice in the fight against counterfeiting

[cases, patents]

Pike or barramundi? Rapala’s innovative lures attract fish and fishermen all over the world

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Exceptional situation encourages business acquisitions – valuation of IPR portfolio is in the interest of both the buyer and the seller

[cases, patents]

Patent portfolio attracted buyers and gave wings to new business − Ekahau is now using artificial intelligence to improve wireless networks

[design rights, Blogs]

Low-threshold design rights will stop your competitors already at the starting line

[patents, News, Blogs]

A patent is a potential source of revenue even if your business fails

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Innovative Vauhti Speed patented new generation ski waxes ─ and jumped instantly to produce hand sanitiser for the needs of Finns

[cases, patents]

Breakthrough with a combination of biodegradable glass fibre and plastic – Arctic Biomaterials is embarking on an ecological world conquest

[Trademarks, patents, News]

Check real time status of IP offices worldwide from FICPI database

[patents, Blogs]

A patent is a great way to combat climate change – this is how green technology innovations should be protected

[Trademarks, patents, design rights]

Going to the UK after Brexit? Now is the time to get your EU trademarks, community designs, design patents and patents in order

[Trademarks, IP rights]

Cannabis products will be the next source of IP disputes in the US

[patents, News]

Coronavirus vaccine creates unique global cooperation in drug development

[cases, patents, IoT]

Serial entrepreneur brought artificial intelligence to ski tracks, microwave ovens and the treatment of pain patients

[patents, News, UPC]

Germany cannot immediately ratify the Agreement on the European Unified Patent Court – the unitary patent system delayed to unforeseeable future

[cases, Trademarks, design rights]

Menstrual cup developed by a doctor is the trump card of a two-person startup on the femtech market

[cases, Trademarks]

From a cap to a lifestyle brand! Tella is aiming to the international market


Yes, it is possible to obtain exclusive rights to the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – but it is not that simple

[IP rights]

Coronavirus: Kolster continues to provide services normally

[cases, Trademarks, patents]

“Demand is fierce” − Aalto Haitek’s wave layered timber got a swift start from Toholampi to global metropolises

[IP firm ranking, Trademarks]

MIP EMEA Awards 2020: Kolster wins category for trademark firms

[News, IP rights]

Artificial intelligence is changing innovations and the IP industry

[China, Trademarks, News]

The coronavirus mobilised fraudsters in China – trademark hijackers take advantage of every opportunity

[Trademarks, dispute resolution]

WTR1000 ranks Kolster as one of the leading professionals for trademark prosecution, strategy and dispute resolution ─ special mention to Joose Kilpimaa and Jani Kaulo


A good patent application has these four things – a bad one is at risk of being left as just a wall ornament

[China, IP strategy, News]

China’s new scoring system causes additional work for companies – being blacklisted may spell trouble

[China, Trademarks]

China’s new trademark law finally bans bad-faith trademark applications – but there are still loopholes

[Trademarks, design rights]

Brexit is coming – here’s what you should know about the impact of the departure on trademarks and designs


Artificial intelligence as an inventor? Who invents and whose are the rights in the era on AI solutions?

[cases, Trademarks, utility models]

Polarmoss creates design products from reindeer moss – IPR secures growth in Asia and America

[cases, legal services]

Helsinki is Juneyao Air's port to Europe – Kolster as its legal partner

[China, IP rights]

Kolster’s winning streak in China: The best international IP agency once again

[China, Trademarks]

How to bring your trademark to the Chinese market: familiarise yourself with regulations and update your IPR strategy

[legal services, Trademarks, patents]

EUR 80 billion funding for businesses and the rise of a Finnish company to become a partner to the world’s giants – here are Kolster’s most read articles of the year 2019

[IPR Business]

At the turn of the decade, Kolster and customer innovations share the same goal and direction: international, environmentally friendly and efficient


Trademark for a legalised drug – international conference discusses hot topics in the IP industry

[patents, Kolster 145]

How the Finns became a nation of inventors – 145 years of internationally successful innovations

[IP strategy, IPR Business]

Different types of IPR strategy: aggressive or defensive

[legal services, patents, people]

Our chain of top experts is growing

[cases, patents]

Maritime innovator Langh Group turned competitors into customers by patenting SOx scrubbers

[patents, people, ip careers]

Leaping into the unknown paid off – IPR turned into a new profession for an electromechanics expert

[patents, people]

The secrets of successful patent applications – revealed by a 35-year veteran of the IPR industry

[legal services, Trademarks, patents]

This is how Kolster’s partner network works – consider these 5 things when you need international IPR services

[patents, people]

Measurements and mathematics increasingly important in protecting inventions

[patents, people]

Patent Attorney Christoffer Karlsson joins Kolster – chemistry, mechanics and sustainable development at the core of competence

[licensing, patents]

Your microwave oven might be cooking up a patent dispute – here’s how to avoid it

[China, IPR Business]

We are not talking about it enough in Finland: China’s digitalisation offers huge volumes for Finnish companies

[IPR Business]

Small digital steps straighten out the tangles of work

[cases, Trademarks, patents]

Textbook example of brand protection: Mobile app Hookle gains traction on international markets

[patents, people]

From Germany to Finland: European Patent Attorney Simon Mügge strengthens our patent unit for chemistry and biotechnology

[patents, Kolster 145]

HI-FOG® water mist invention for fire fighting


Marques 2019: Change is everywhere – is your brand ready?

[legal services, people, ip careers]

Legislation, legal practice and the world are in a constant state of renewal – the IPR lawyer develops his expertise at the same pace

[patents, people]

Tapio Kinnunen is our new patent attorney in the ICT & Electrical Engineering team

[cases, Trademarks, patents]

VM-Asfaltti to patent a revolutionary method for precise patching of roads

[cases, patents]

Gobbas Gård and Härmän Rati awarded innovation prize for their Finnish-made organic broad bean-based food product

[Trademarks, people]

Jani Kaulo, IP expert at ECTA, influences trademark law in the European Community

[legal services, patents]

A co-owned invention requires a joint ownership agreement

[IP strategy, people, ip careers]

IPR expert can see to the core of companies

[IPR Business, Kolster 145]

“Inspiring and useful!” The big picture in IPR encouraged dialogue

[IPR Business]

Taloustutkimus and Kolster detected an obstacle to the growth of Finnish businesses: Poor commercialisation of innovations slows down success

[IPR Business, Kolster 145]

145-year-old Kolster: “It’s not an innovation if it cannot be commercialised”

[News, IPR Business]

Certification Association Russian Register and IP law firm Kolster launch cooperation to help companies in entering new markets

[IP strategy, IPR Business]

Entrepreneur, do you want to succeed? Ask IPR strategists to help you

[patents, people]

Ville Nieminen strengthens Kolster’s patent team in Oulu

[patents, Kolster 145]

Abloy – the lock that can’t be picked

[China, IP strategy]

IP strategy turns the Chinese threats into opportunities

[patents, people, ip careers]

A patent attorney’s most important tool is the ability to listen

[China, IP strategy, IPR Business]

Increasing trade wars raise many questions

[cases, Trademarks, patents]

Montisera commercialises promising bioactive compounds – Montinutra revolutionises the circular bioeconomy

[patents, people, ip careers]

An ordinary patent attorney is a bona fide whiz with words

[cases, patents]

The University of Oulu protects its research results with diligence – creating new business through IPR

[patents, people]

Ulla Lenkkeri-Schütz is our new European Patent Attorney in Munich


Seven steps for proper influencer marketing

[Trademarks, people]

European Trademark and Design Attorney demonstrates professional skill

[patents, IPR Business]

Patent world visionary Toni Nijm: The IP industry will keep pace with innovations through technology

[legal services, people]

Leena-Maija Marsio set to lead Kolster’s Legal and Trademarks unit

[IP strategy, patents, people]

Liisa Nieminen strengthens our patent team in Tampere

[patents, Kolster 145]

Azipod® thruster – a pioneer in the marine industry

[design rights, utility models]

An alternative to a patent – how to use design right and utility model protection effectively

[China, IP strategy, patents]

China’s potential lies in intense competition

[patents, people, ip careers]

The opportunity to work with customers is what tempted this organic chemistry expert to return to Kolster

[patents, people]

Life without IP rights – like in the Wild West?

[patents, Kolster 145]

ALD technology – an invention in the pocket of every Finn

[China, patents, News]

Survey: Corporate decision-makers do not see China as a competitor — however, they believe in increasing Chinese investments


Make sure your trademarks are up-to-date

[cases, utility models]

Utility model for hemp sauna – Lehtinen entrepreneur brothers invent as much as they have time from their work

[cases, patents, IP valuation]

Idea-Keksi Oy refines innovations into products and reforms working methods

[patents, Kolster 145]

Kohonen map – enabler of self-learning artificial intelligence

[patents, Kolster 145]

Celebrating 145 Years of Kolster

[patents, Kolster 145]

AIV fodder – the cream of the crop of Finnish inventions

[Trademarks, patents, design rights]

What will happen to trademarks, design rights and patents with Brexit?

[Trademarks, News]

INTA Annual Meeting 2019: New innovations for using trademarks!

[patents, Kolster 145]

Postdoctoral Researcher Matti La Mela: Finnish IP developed in relation to other countries

[patents, people, ip careers]

Patenting visionary creates valuable works for the patent portfolio

[legal services, Trademarks, patents]

Kolster opened its first representative office in Russia

[IP strategy, patents]

Protect the uniqueness of your company

[cases, patents]

iLOQ brought locks to the digital age with patents

[Trademarks, News, EU]

The new Finnish Trademarks Act became effective on 1 May 2019 ─ classifications must be revised retroactively

[legal services, copyrights]

The author is entitled to a copyright − unless otherwise agreed

[patents, News, USA]

An abstract idea or a patentable invention?

[cases, Anti-counterfeiting, Trademarks]

Supreme Court of Finland makes rare request for preliminary ruling: trademark dispute advanced to European Court of Justice

[patents, Kolster 145]

The sauna stove – Evolution from a pile of rocks to a designer product

[patents, Kolster 145]

Heteka - an iron bed that became a bestseller of its day

[patents, people, ip careers]

The IP deep diver is a champion of summaries


This is how you can make the most out of your trademark

[legal services, Trademarks, people, ip careers]

Designs, brands and dispute resolution at the heart of IP Lawyer’s work

[IP firm ranking, Trademarks, patents]

MIP IP Stars 2019: Kolster leads the field – Awarded special recognition as Prosecution Firm of the Year

[cases, patents]

Grip and glide! Vauhti Speed races to the global top of ski wax

[cases, Trademarks]

Pizza parlours at disputes over a trademark – how to avoid pitfalls

[cases, patents]

Oulu-based UROS rose to become a partner to the world’s giants in record time

[people, Kolster 145]

Kolster as life’s work, family as life’s centre

[IP strategy, patents]

IP Director of Orion, Heidi Adler: Strong IP portfolio makes company attractive

[cases, licensing, patents]

Amandan Healthcare developed the world’s healthiest shower

[patents, people, ip careers]

Science and art combined in the work of an IP veteran

[design rights, News, copyrights]

A design rug was not granted copyright protection − is creative work without protection?

[IP strategy, people, IPR Business]

Timo Joutsenoja joins Kolster − a boost in our diverse IPR know-how for the Kuopio office

[IP firm ranking, Trademarks, News]

Kolster’s trademark attorneys highly ranked for prosecution and strategy − special mention for dispute resolution and IP commercialisation

[patents, people, Kolster 145]

IP makes the world better

[patents, people, ip careers]

Virtuoso of new technologies powered by challenges

[patents, people, ip careers]

IP specialist from northern Finland enjoys team play

[patents, News, Kolster 145]

Kolster’s first patent served the paper industry

[IP firm ranking, China]

Kolster awarded as the ‘Most Recommended International IP Agency 2019’ in China

[patents, people]

Sini Petsalo strengthens our local service in Kuopio

[cases, patents, IoT]

Digitizer of seafaring tamed the ionosphere with its patents

[patents, News, ICT]

Apple and Qualcomm are fighting over a patent infringement ─ how does the legal struggle affect the IP field?

[patents, News, EPO]

New patenting instructions for software - ambiguousness remains

[cases, IP strategy, Trademarks]

Paint and coating brands in a managed way into trademark portfolio

[IP strategy, patents, News]

These phenomena reverberate into the IP year 2019: Climate change, artificial intelligence, and uncertainty

[licensing, patents, people]

Kati Vesterinen is our new European Patent Attorney at Kolster Tampere office

[China, Trademarks, News]

Kolster’s Partner Jani Kaulo appointed as one of the four members of the new ECTA China Task Force

[China, patents, News]

The Chinese IP market in a nutshell

[patents, News]

IP & Brexit - what changes, what does not?

[patents, people]

Julia Urbanec strengthens our mechanical engineering patent team

[cases, patents, Ductor]

IPR protect the innovations of a circular economy developer

[IP strategy, patents, people, ip careers]

Patent attorney is a risk analyst

[Trademarks, patents, News]

China Mythbuster

[Trademarks, people]

IP lawyer helps customers succeed

[patents, News, innovations]

Best IP tips for innovation contests

[cases, Anti-counterfeiting, Trademarks]

Journey to the world’s most valuable car brand

[legal services, Trademarks, EU]

The Finnish Trademarks Act harmonised as EU-compatible

[cases, China, Trademarks]

China is a direction of interest to many

[innovations, EU, Horizon 2020]

Entrepreneur, secure your share of EUR 80 billion funding

[Trademarks, News]

Greetings from the Frontline: INTA Leadership Meeting in New Orleans

[people, business program, digitalisation]

Salla Lamberg to steer Kolster’s development projects

[IP strategy, patents, people, dispute resolution]

Chemistry specialist, European Patent Attorney Krister Karlsson returns to Kolster

[China, patents, News]

Shenzhen - the IP and innovation centre

[IP strategy, IP rights, fashion]

Comprehensive IP strategy a lifeline for a brand product

[China, Trademarks, people]

Jani Kaulo of Kolster in The Economist: A Chinese trademark hijacked in Finland, too

[patents, people, IP rights, ICT]

Europe-expert handles patents from ICT to concrete

[cases, IP strategy, patents]

Hookle patented a social media application and charmed Google

[legal services, IP rights]

Helping to untangle employee inventions

[licensing, legal services, people, valuation]

Hannes Kankaanpää complements our expertise in IP, technology and corporate law

[China, patents, News]

Kolster set up an office in the Chinese innovation area

[cases, patents, Plantui]

The success of smart gardens has its roots in IPR

[cases, China, Trademarks]

Fashion IP rights in good hands

[China, Trademarks, IP rights]

The wild Chinese market – how to protect your trademark in China

[IP strategy, patents, people]

Biotechnology sector is growing strongly – funding depends on patents

[cases, patents, innovations]

Butter & Egg Spread makes history – European patent opens door to the world

[China, IP strategy, News]

Kolster’s IP expertise increasingly valued in China

[China, IP strategy, people]

IP Specialist building bridges between China and Finland

[IP strategy, Trademarks, News]

Food counterfeiting is spreading – also poses a threat to Finnish companies

[China, IP strategy, people]

Asia specialist helps you succeed in the Chinese markets

[China, IP strategy, people]

In the new era of product protection, the West and China stand together

[patents, people, News]

European Patent Attorney Kati Leinonen strengthens our ICT patent team

[patents, people, ip careers]

To the patent specialist, quality comes first

[cases, patents, innovations]

A glass artist aesthetised concrete and patented her method

[legal services, people, ip careers]

A legal design expert polishes contracts and commercialises ideas

[patents, people, ip careers]

Patent attorney protects the latest innovations in ICT

[China, News, intellectual property rights]

“We were honored to have Hunan IPO in Finland”, says CEO Timo Helosuo

[legal services, Trademarks]

Changes to trademark legislation set to open new doors for companies

[cases, patents, innovations]

The ultimate protection for forest machine innovations

[Trademarks, News]

Is North Korea opening up to western brands?

[people, kolster, ip careers]

2017 ─ a year of transition at Kolster

[China, News, intellectual property rights]

Latest developments from the Chinese IPR field

[patents, people, ip careers]

The developer of pharmaceutical innovations in the world of patents

[IP strategy]

IP strategy to support your business

[people, blockchain, AI]

Blockchain and AI in the world preparing for a trade war

[News, UPC, unified patent]

The new European patent system is in the hands of Germany

[Anti-counterfeiting, Trademarks, designs]

The Supreme Court of Finland: No criminal liability for an infringement of an EU Trade Mark or a Registered Community Design

[Anti-counterfeiting, Trademarks, News]

Kolster represented Finland at the REACT Annual Meeting

[people, kolster, IP court]

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen appointed expert member of the Market Court

[News, fraudulent invoices]

A warning concerning unfounded invoices in the IP sector

[IP strategy]

IP Strategy is a matter for the board

[startup, people, trade secrets]

Build legal protection for your trade secrets as part of your protection strategy

[cases, Anti-counterfeiting, Trademarks]

Anti-counterfeiting: A leave to appeal granted to Supreme Court

[China, IP law, News]

IP challenges discussed in Minister Häkkänen’s meetings in China

[IP firm ranking, Trademarks, people]

Kolster’s trademark attorneys received international recognition for their expertise in the WTR1000 ranking

[patents, people]

PhD Gustav Boije af Gennäs brings his strong expertise in chemistry and biotech to our patent team

[ilmiöt, IP strategy, people]

IP rights: An expenditure or competitive edge?

[licensing, legal services, people]

Profiting from an IP portfolio

[IP strategy, people, growth]

IP strategy supporting the internationalisation of companies