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PhD Gustav Boije af Gennäs brings his strong expertise in chemistry and biotech to our patent team


PhD Gustav Boije af Gennäs strengthens our patent team for Biotech & Chemistry.

Gustav has extensive experience in the fields of pharmaceutical, organic chemistry, biochemistry and bioanalytics. He has a PhD degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and a MSc degree in organic chemistry, and possesses a strong expertise in multidisciplinary research and innovations. He has special know-how and expertise also in nanomaterials and radiopharmacology.

Before joining the IP sector and Kolster in November 2017, Gustav made an exceptionally distinguished career of 16 years as a researcher. Gustav has been involved in two patents as an inventor, so the transfer to patent branch and the new role in upgrading and refining inventions into business tools was a natural and smooth extension of his career.

“Thanks to a long career in research, I understand inventors very well and wish to provide assistance even in difficult IP matters”, Gustav says.

The core of biotech business and new innovations today includes among others diagnostics, medical research, biomaterials and bio process technologies, and multidisciplinary innovations crossing technology borders are more and more common. You can take use of Gustav’s deep and wide experience in protecting multidisciplinary innovations within the biotech and chemistry sector.