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Leverage innovations and brands! Juha Kukkonen strengthens our IPR service, especially in southwestern Finland


Juha Kukkonen has joined Kolster’s sales and marketing team. In particular, he advises SMEs in southwestern Finland to better utilise their intellectual property rights through Kolster's extensive IPR and legal services.

Juha Kukkonen, LL.M., was appointed as IPR Business Development Specialist in Kolster's Sales and Marketing team on 5 October 2020. In his new role Juha Kukkonen focuses on acquiring new customers, improving the commercialisation of intellectual property rights in SMEs, and strengthening Kolster’s customer service, especially in southwestern Finland.

Kukkonen graduated from the University of Turku in spring 2020. His advanced studies focused on trademarks, their similarity assessment in registrations and commercial markets, and the economic impact of trademarks in the EU internal market. In addition to his studies, he has extensive experience in sales and customer service roles dating back to 2011. He has also handled assignments related to corporate law and contracts.

"I am a customer-oriented and straight-talking lawyer, IPR expert, and salesperson, who listens to the customer's needs and strives to find the best solutions for them. Kolster's extensive pool of IPR experts always provides me with the best support in this regard", says Juha Kukkonen, describing his new position.

His interests lie in solving customer problems, developing the IPR-related aspects of business, and improving the commercialisation of IPR assets through contracts and licensing. He sees a lot of opportunities for SMEs in the commercial exploitation of trademarks. 

"The long-term economic value of trademarks and brands for a business is very high."

Kukkonen’s goal is to help companies protect their innovations and then commercially leverage them. And he is keen to take responsibility for preventing any "IPR loss" along on the way.

"If an IPR portfolio has accumulated trademarks or other IP rights that no longer benefit one's own business, then licensing can be a good tool for business development. When resources are used efficiently, it is possible for a company to develop new innovations.”

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Juha Kukkonen
IPR Business Development Specialist
+358 40 923 0151

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