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Kati Vesterinen is our new European Patent Attorney at Kolster Tampere office


January 28, 2019

MSc (Tech), European Patent Attorney Kati Vesterinen strengthens Kolster’s office in Tampere as of January 7, 2019. She brings with her extensive technology and IP know-how in the automation and communications industries.

Kati’s strongest areas of technology are user interfaces and interactive technology, as well as automation, control, and measuring technology. In addition, she has experience in production engineering and industrial planning.

Before joining Kolster, Kati was employed for more than four years as an IPR Manager at Nokia, where her main tasks included commercial utilisation of patents and supporting the patent licencing business ─ and before this, as an inhouse patent engineer and IPR Specialist for more than ten years, responsible for the protection of user interface inventions, in particular.

“In my work, I’ve seen what kind of patents are valuable, and this is the know-how I wish to get across to my clients. I view the patenting process as a whole, and want to provide small companies, too, with the chance to be successful all over the world with their own inventions,” Kati describes her new role as a patent attorney at Kolster.

Kati has plenty of practical experience of patenting in all of its stages. Identifying and assessing inventions, processing invention reports, refining of inventions, strategic IP protection decisions, patent searches, IP competitor monitoring, drafting patent applications, and prosecuting them to a granted patent are all familiar tasks to Kati. Furthermore, she has gathered a lot or experience of patent infringements and licencing. Kati has also acted as a technical expert in preparations for patent court proceedings.

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