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Kolster’s new office in Shanghai strengthens partnership with local IPR operators


A new office in Shanghai strengthens Kolster’s role in international business between Europe and China. Partnership with local IPR companies sets Kolster apart from other European IPR agencies in China, says Kolster’s CEO Timo Helosuo.

Kolster’s subsidiary Kolster China Ltd opened its second office in Shanghai, China in March 2021. The new office is a strategic step in a country that has overtaken the United States as the world’s top patent filer.

“We want to be Europe’s leading IPR agency specialising in China. Having an office in an economically significant international trade hub means that we can simultaneously be a reliable partner for Chinese companies seeking to enter Europe and more strongly support European companies operating in China”, says Kolster’s CEO Timo Helosuo.

Kolster has years of experience in doing business in China. The first South China office of the Kolster China subsidiary was established in 2018 in Shenzhen, which is known as China’s innovation hub. In addition, companies are assisted by the Kolster China Desk service.

“The office in a new area guarantees in-depth knowledge of the special characteristics of local legislation, and our carefully selected partner network secures skilled local operators for our customers. We are the door to China for European companies while at the same time bringing Europe to the doorsteps of Chinese companies.”

Effortless and efficient transactions between Europe and China

One of Kolster’s goals is to be the best and primary IPR partner for Chinese companies in assignments towards Europe.

“We serve our Chinese partners in the same time zone and in Chinese. In addition, the fact that all monetary transactions take place in local currency saves companies time and effort, for example, with regard to document translations. Our experience and competitive prices make doing business towards Europe as effortless and efficient as possible”, Helosuo says.

According to Helosuo, strong partnership with local IPR operators is what sets Kolster apart from many other European IPR companies operating in China.

“We do not compete for customers with local IPR operators. Chinese companies already have their own local IPR partners with whom Kolster works on IPR assignments towards Europe.” 

“We are in active dialogue with local history, culture and operators. In the future, we will continue to expand to other major inland cities. Our top priority is to serve our partners in China in the best way possible.”

Valued customers and 147 years of experience

Kolster has a strong history as one of the most experienced IPR law firms in Europe. Kolster handles patents, trademarks, design protection and legal services for more than 1,700 domestic and international customers each year. Valued customers – including 45 companies from the world’s TOP100 list – set high quality standards.

Helosuo also sees the importance of the growing role of SMEs.

“In addition to IPR matters, SMEs coming from China to Europe need information on local markets, such as Germany. Similarly, brand localisation is important for Chinese companies in Europe.”

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