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Kolster’s trademark attorneys received international recognition for their expertise in the WTR1000 ranking


March 1, 2018

The WTR1000 survey is based on interviews and exchanged correspondence with hundreds of lawyers, attorneys and their clients involved with trademarks. It covers the best IP expertise in the areas of trademark prosecution and strategy, enforcement and litigation, and anti-counterfeiting.

On firm level Kolster was recognized for the outstanding trademark offering and the new services the company has been developing. Kolster China Desk™ has been busy facilitating the conduct of business between Finland and the world’s second-largest economy. Kolster Market Watch™ service has been vigilantly monitoring the Finnish market for counterfeit goods. We have also strengthened our legal unit, and the amount of enforcement and commercialisation work is increasing.

Three of our individuals were especially acknowledged for their expertise: Director of Trademarks, IP Lawyer Joose Kilpimaa, IP Lawyer Ari-Pekka Launneand Head of Asian Market, IP Lawyer Jani Kaulo, who is in charge of the Kolster China Desk™ and Kolster Market Watch™ services:


“Taking the reins of the trademark team is the highly experienced Joose Kilpimaa, who masterminds incisive strategies to carry the day in Market Court and district court proceedings.”

“Ari-Pekka Launne is best known as the senior brands expert within the IP management and strategic consulting arm of the practice, also fierce in the fight against fakes.” 

“The man in charge of Asian affairs is client favourite Jani Kaulo. “Jani has rich experience and outstanding communication skills, and provides a more prompt and practical service than attorneys at other firms. He solves problems quickly and efficiently and follows fee schedules strictly. He seems to work seven days a week.” In addition, he spearheads “the most experienced anti-counterfeiting team in Finland”.

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