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Leena-Maija Marsio set to lead Kolster’s Legal and Trademarks unit


August 22, 2019

Leena-Maija Marsio joined Kolster as Director of Legal and Trademarks unit on 12 August 2019. Our clients will benefit from her considerable expertise in the field of contract law and her extensive experience of international business.

Leena-Maija Marsio, L.L.M, has worked as an in-house counsel for various international technology companies for more than twenty years. During her long law career, she has experienced the full spectrum of international business activities — from establishing a company to corporate sales — and brings with her perspectives from both large, listed companies and SMEs.

Expertise in mergers and acquisitions, due diligence in both buyer and seller roles, large contract deals such as global resale and cooperation agreements, IPR strategic management, licensing, and risk management are Marsio's key strengths. She has also been involved in setting up subsidiaries, restructuring and relocating business, and negotiated extensive agreements in more than twenty countries. In addition to her Finnish and English language skills, she is also adept at handling contract negotiations in Swedish and French, and can also support building business relationships in Chinese.

Her most recent position was lead counsel for the cybersecurity firm F-Secure, for whom she worked for ten years. She previously held positions in Ericsson’s Finnish subsidiary and at the company’s global division in Sweden. While there, she served as part of a team of three legal counsels responsible for negotiating all of Ericsson’s global 3G network deals. In addition to these roles, Marsio has also garnered extensive experience as part of the legal team at medical technology giant GE Healthcare and, earlier in her career, in the in-house legal department of the engineering and service company Kone. Over the course of the last year, she has been actively involved with Innohome, a Finnish SME, as an advisory board member.

“Helping small businesses has always been close to my heart, especially in the startup phase and developing new business opportunities to compete alongside the leading names on the global business stage. Even SMEs should think big and play the game the same way the major players do. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really big contracts with global business giants and I’m not scared of rolling my sleeves up when negotiations get tricky”, she explains.

Leena-Maija has worked closely with IPR professionals throughout her legal career. For her, IPR is an increasingly familiar and enjoyable area of work.

“I have a wealth of experience working with patents — handling international patent disputes, drawing up IPR strategies, assessing the value of portfolios, and considering how IP rights can be capitalised on and further developed. I’ve also been involved in planning hackathon events, where new IPR is developed. Now at Kolster, I’m really happy that I get to work with our clients on their IPR strategies — with IPR being integrated into both tech and business strategies”, she says about her passion for IPR work.

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