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Liisa Nieminen strengthens our patent team in Tampere


August 12, 2019

Liisa Nieminen has started as a Patent Agent at Kolster’s Tampere unit on 1 August 2019. With her, she brings to Kolster her strategic experience and business expertise to help develop companies’ innovations into new growth-enabling products, services and profitable business.

The strongest areas of expertise of Liisa Nieminen, 40, who has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and a BSc in Forestry, include various production environments, production engineering, product and service development, service design, logistics, technology management, business strategies and growth entrepreneurship. She most recently worked at Rastor for approximately eight years as a Customer Solutions Manager. She sparred companies in the areas of product development and growth entrepreneurship to develop new business from product and service ideas.

“At Kolster, I can utilise my extensive business experience across different industries. I am accustomed to assessing the business of companies as a whole and strategically – also from the point of view of IP protection. Now I can deepen my IP expertise and thereby help my future client companies develop a workable IP strategy and reap the full benefits of their intellectual property. In my experience, there is a lot of exploitable potential especially in the inventions and intellectual property of small companies”, says Liisa Nieminen, who is enthusiastic about her new career path as a patent professional.

Her goal is to act as an “easy user interface” between Kolster and companies that need IP services. Finding the best solutions for a customer requires good interaction and asking the right questions, which Nieminen has received good feedback about in her previous role as a sparring partner for growth companies.

“IP professionals and companies do not always speak the same language because their perspectives are so different. I can speak the business-oriented language of companies and, going forward, I want to serve as an IP interpreter to make the purchase of IP services that support business growth as pleasant and clear as possible for the buyer as well.”

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