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Patent Attorney Christoffer Karlsson joins Kolster – chemistry, mechanics and sustainable development at the core of competence


November 20, 2019

Patent Attorney Christoffer Karlsson joined our chemistry and biotechnology patent team on  November 4, 2019. He has long-standing experience in the protection and strategic evaluation of inventions from both chemical and mechanical areas of application as well as in resolving patent disputes.  

Christoffer Karlsson, MSc, has seventeen years of experience in the patent and IPR industry. He has specialised in organic chemistry in his studies, and has been working with patenting and IPR development since 2002, both in industry and at an IPR expert company.        

During his long career as a patent attorney, Karlsson has managed to protect a wide range of innovations in the many areas of application in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, paper, construction and cleantech industries. He can be described as a chemist who is equally familiar with organic and inorganic chemistry, but also technical equipment, systems and mechanical inventions.

In addition to the drafting of patent applications, Karlsson has extensive experience in various expert opinions, such as freedom to operate, patent infringement, scope of protection analysis as well as opposition and appeal proceedings. He has also assisted litigators in patent disputes in the District Court and the Court of Appeal as a patent attorney.  

Prior to joining Kolster, Karlsson worked as chief IP officer of RenFuel, a company that develops biofuels, in Sweden for a year and a half. Before that, he served as a patent attorney, partner, deputy managing director and board member at a Finnish IPR expert company for sixteen years.

“Both my client work and internal work role have included strategic thinking and development projects. As a patent attorney, not only do I want to discuss patentability with my clients, but also why an invention should be patented and introduce an economic, strategic and risk management perspective to the discussion”, Karlsson says.       

Sustainability, cleantech and the circular economy are areas of technology that are particularly close to Karlsson, and important areas for protecting future innovations. The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra estimates that the value added of the circular economy to the Finnish economy could be at least EUR 3 billion annually by 2030.

“Many innovative circular economy solutions in the forest, paper, food and plastics industries require a high level of expertise in the chemical sector. As a chemist and patent attorney, I want to contribute to this shift by advising my clients on how IPR can be used to protect and commercialise new circular economy inventions.”

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