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Ulla Lenkkeri-Schütz is our new European Patent Attorney in Munich


September 6, 2019

PhD (Biochemistry), European Patent Attorney Ulla Lenkkeri-Schütz strengthens our chemistry and biotechnology patent team in the Kolster Munich office in Germany. She brings with her strong expertise in patenting in life sciences and her extensive experience in the IP field in Germany.

Ulla Lenkkeri-Schütz’s core areas of expertise include life sciences and medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. The development of new pharmaceuticals and forms of therapy, generic drug ingredients, nutrition and various dietary supplements as well as immunology, virology and different antibodies are familiar areas of application for her in patenting.  

Lenkkeri-Schütz has operated in the IP sector in Germany since 2000. She has worked in patenting and as an in-house patent attorney at German bioindustry companies, and last served as a patent attorney at a German patent agency for almost ten years. She has trained as a European Patent Attorney in Germany and is also qualified as a European Trademark and Design Attorney. She is also an authorised patent attorney in Germany.

“A German patent attorney has general juridical know-how. Here patent attorney training also includes two years of university studies in law”, Lenkkeri-Schütz says.

Lenkkeri-Schütz’s extensive expertise in patenting, patenting strategies as well as her know-how of German IP activities, the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the German Patent Court, are available to both our Finnish and international customers. She will further intensify the work of our clients with both the European Patent Office (EPO) and the national German Patent and Trademark Office.

“I can help Kolster’s customers protect their inventions with both the European Patent Office and the national German Patent and Trademark Office. When the strategy is to protect the inventions on the European market in only a few key countries, such as Germany, I can handle the German patent or utility model applications throughout the process with the national office and communicate in German”, Lenkkeri-Schütz says.

Similarly, she can help with transfers of rights after the granting of the patent and with German disputes.

“I know the German work culture and practices, and also the practices of the patent offices.”

Lenkkeri-Schütz has strong roots in Finland and in Oulu. She defended her doctoral thesis on Finnish genetic heritage at the University of Oulu, and she was born and raised in Oulu.

“At Kolster, I get to deepen my Finnish network – and it is particularly great to be able to bring Finnish know-how to Europe and the German market. I visit Oulu from time to time, so I am especially happy to help our customers in the Oulu region protect their bioindustry inventions.”

Contact us

Ulla Lenkkeri-Schütz
+49 176 320 70468

Kolster München office
Theatinerstrasse 11
D-80333 München

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