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Ville Nieminen strengthens Kolster’s patent team in Oulu


September 27, 2019

Ville Nieminen started working as a Patent Agent in our Oulu unit on 16 September 2019. At Kolster, he will serve our clients especially with the IP protection of new products and services that utilise wireless technology.

Ville Nieminen has an MSc in Electrical Engineering, and his technical strengths lie in radio and telecommunications engineering, applications of electromagnetism and electronics.

He graduated from the University of Oulu and worked in the information and telecommunications industries as a Design Engineer and RF Engineer for approximately three years before he switched to patenting and Kolster. His latest position was in Nokia’s product development, where he designed and tested 5G base station transmitters and receivers.

“Radio engineering and systems-on-a-chip can be applied to practically anything where data is transmitted electronically and where safe communication and connectivity solutions and information technology are developed. The development of new data connections necessitates the creation of new innovations. Various IoT solutions are a significant application area that includes a lot of product development and create many innovations in various sectors, even outside the telecommunications industry,” Ville Nieminen says as he describes the possibility to utilise his technical background in the patent agent work.

In patenting, he is interested specifically in the opportunity to expand his technical competence to new industries. As a patent agent, he is motivated by the chance to affect where product development and new inventions will take companies and how inventions can support a company’s strategy and business operations.

“At Nokia, I learnt to see that a technology company’s core value lies in patents and the employees’ know-how. IPR and the patent portfolio that a company has well describe the entire company’s competence and value.” 

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Ville Nieminen
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