Dispute Resolution and Legal Proceedings: Infringement, Injunction and Annulment Actions

Focus on your business – leave conflict management to us

It pays off to use our expertise in dispute resolution. Below we list the issues worth focusing on when conflicts arise.

1. What is a conflict and what can it mean for my business?

A conflict is a ‘disruption’ of a company’s normal business, i.e. a distraction that can even bring the entire business of a company to a halt.

2. How can conflicts be avoided?

It is worth analysing the business environment from the legal point of view with one of our experts. You should have the contracts, on which your business is based, put into order at the earliest possible stage – in our experience, this will save you time, money and resources. However, if a conflict has already begun, contact our experts, who will evaluate the situation.

3. What types of conflict exist?

  • You receive a warning letter, which alleges that your business has infringed another party’s trademark or patent.
  • Someone is exploiting or infringing a trademark or patent of yours.
  • Ownership and licensing issues relating to the background and resulting material in cases involving joint inventions and consortium relationships.
  • A competitor or former employee exploits your company’s business secrets.
  • Compensation payable on the basis of employee inventions.

4. What kinds of results has Kolster achieved in conflicts?

We always seek the solutions that will best support the client’s business operations. This depends on the context. For example, we have helped our customers as follows:

  • We have succeeded in preventing conflicts and litigation.
  • We have achieved overall solutions to conflicts.
  • Together with our customers, we have created a strategy for going forward which supports the client’s business.
  • We handle litigation in an expert, efficient and customer-friendly manner.

Intellectual property rights are generally worth defending. On the other hand, companies should ensure that their actions do not infringe the rights of others. However, if IP disputes arise, they can usually be solved by negotiation, with the help of our experts.

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