Domain Name Portfolio Management

Manage Your Domain Names

Kolster is an expert in domain names. We work with trusted international players when making domain name registrations.

  • We can build a domain name strategy for your business, as part of your brand strategy.
  • We conduct Web Audits to enable the concentration of domain names and portfolio management, as well as the control and defence of your own rights (infringing websites).
  • We assist with domain name selection and availability checks.
  • We handle domain registrations and renewals in virtually every functioning register.
  • We also register localised domain names and trademarks in the Chinese market.
  • We handle domain name renewals and transfers.
  • We will control and defend your rights.
  • We will resolve domain name disputes and handle purchases and transfers.

Key instructions for domain name holders

  • We reduce the risk of premature exposure of your domain name by carefully selecting our search channels, for example. Get off the starting grid quickly, because domain names tend to be granted to the first applicant.

It is worth remembering that preventing problems costs less than solving them.

  • Check whether the domain name you want is available.
  • Centralise the management of your domain name portfolio with one trusted partner.
  • Monitor your brand-related content online and react fast.
  • Monitor new registrations that infringe your rights.
  • Adapt domain names to become consistent with other content in your IP portfolio.
  • Give up unnecessary domain names after a review of your business model and strategy.


Our domain name search will enable you to check whether the domain names you want are available – securely, quickly and free-of-charge. The search will not expose your domain name to the ever-increasing risk of domain name slamming. You can search globally, or restrict the search to the desired geographic areas. The search result is based on a database of domain name registers maintained by our partners, which enables automated lookups for ‘whois’ data.

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