Evaluation of Invention Reports

A well-developed invention report process guarantees progress with R&D

Are you handling your invention reports quickly enough to meet your business needs and statutory deadlines? Are you developing your R&D ideas into invention reports? Do you need help getting your invention report process into shape, or with invention report evaluations or management.

We will help you to refine your processes so that invention reports progress as agreed, on the correct schedule, and your R&D gems are handled as they deserve, before it is too late.

An invention report process that supports the recognition of inventions

We will define, update and customise your business’s invention report handling process. Together, we will go through the steps, practices, tools and resources needed to ensure that your invention report handling progresses as you want it to.

We will help you to implement invention report registration practices that prevent the documentation from getting out of hand, while ensuring that the information needed for decision-making is available when required.

Processing of invention reports as a service:
Invention report evaluation and management

We will provide a comprehensive service, or a service tailored to your needs, for the assessment and management of invention reports. This will free up your company's own resources, enabling you to make strategic decisions on the basis of sufficient information. An optimised service for your company could cover the following tasks:

  • We ensure that the invention report includes the necessary basic information and provide a proposal for the general-level protection of the invention.
  • We conduct a novelty search or other suitable search or analysis for your invention, or invention reports that fulfil pre-agreed criteria.
  • We draw up a form or other procedure for filing invention reports.
  • We receive, pre-process and evaluate invention reports, perform the required surveys and analyses, and prepare for and support decision-making.
  • We also manage the subsequent comment and approval rounds and deadlines, handling the necessary reminders as agreed.