Experts for hire: IP & Legal In-House

An in-house expert will boost your business

In IP matters, you have three options: do everything yourself; buy expertise as a ready-made service; or work with our in-house expert on site, inside your business.

borgenstrom_marjut1_web.jpgOur European Patent Attorney, Marjut Borgenström, has plenty of good experience of in-house work. "Analysing and managing our customers’ IP issues is more efficient from inside their enterprises. We team up with the company to develop its IP business. "

"Companies can order in-house expertise from us for a range of needs. Our patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, lawyers and IP assistants are at your service."

Your business will benefit from the in-house work of a Kolster expert when:

  • you need a flexible solution for projects, workload balancing, or longer-term strategic work.
  • you need extensive IP expertise. Your company will gain an experienced IP or legal department at a reasonable cost.
  • your business needs to pay special attention to IP issues.

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