Lenita Lindroos

Lenita Lindroos

"The icing on the cake of each day is the thanks given by the customer for fast work well done."

Lenita Lindroos has extensive experience of protecting intangible assets and patents, design rights and trademarks. She handles many phases of the application process independently and is responsible, for example, for ensuring that all formal and administrative requirements associated with applications are in place. Her main task is registering changes of IP right holders with various patent offices.

Lenita has long experience as an in-house IP resource at customer companies, particularly in ensuring that the customer's patent portfolio is up to date.

IP expertise

  • IP rights transfers (patents, design rights, trademarks)
  • Patent application process: national patents, European patents, international PCT applications
  • Domestic and foreign design applications and registrations
  • Cost estimates (patents, design rights)
  • Rights maintenance & annual fee-related issues
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