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Päivi Pessala

“Diverse work tasks in the protection of the latest innovations are exciting, and I am able to constantly learn and develop my expertise. With the support of an efficient team, communication with clients as well as international agents and patent offices is fluent and effective.”


Päivi Pessala has worked in the IP sector and with Kolster between 1987–1996 in Helsinki and in Tampere since 2001. She has vast experience with IP issues in all process stages of domestic and foreign patent and utility model applications, from the initial research and application stages to official actions and responses and finally to the registration of protection and the management of rights. A versatile education in the field has deepened her extensive knowledge of the protection of technological innovations.


  • All process stages of patent and utility model applications in Finland and other countries
  • Country-specific practices and requirements in applications
  • Assisting patent agents in research, infringement and opposition matters in applications and registrations