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Kaisu Spets-Vainio

"I’m completely enthralled by the IP sector. Even after years of working in this field, you still feel there’s so much more to learn. In short, it’s challenging and fascinating!"


Kaisu Spets-Vainio has worked in the patent sector since 1995 as an IP assistant, and for many years also as Assistant Supervisor. She has solid and versatile experience of patent formalities and the issues involved in patent applications in general. Kaisu is well acquainted with all the phases of the application process, from filing the application all the way to application acceptance and the granting of the patent.


  • Patents and utility models
  • Tasks related to the patenting process in Finland and abroad; filing of patent applications, reporting official actions, filing official action responses, tasks related to the acceptance phase, sending instructions to international agents
  • The EP and PCT systems
  • Deadline reminders
  • Administrative tasks; reporting, electronic filing, invoicing
  • Communication with clients and international agencies