How do I gain from trademark registration?

Even the best of products, inventions, or service concepts do not sell, if they do not become familiar among consumers and customers. In addition to familiarity, the products and services must stick out from the products and services that others are offereing. To that end, you must have a way to make your products or services familiar so that your customers understand they originate from you and that your customers do not confuse them with the products or services of your competitors.

By registering your own trademark and by using it to make your product or service familiar, you see to it that you can yourself decide how your customers see them. Based on a trademark registration, you can additionally make sure that the quality expectations associated with your products or services remain high, because the exclusive right that the registration gives you to the trademark entitles you to forbid others from using the same or similar trademark in connection with their products or services.

The right kind of protection strategy of trademarks increases the value of your company and boosts its business activities. In connection with acquisitions and financing rounds, it is these days the practice to check that the trademarks of the company are protected so that they may act undisturbed on the market.


This is how you can make the most out of your trademark

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