Innovation voucher & IP service packages

You can use innovation vouchers for purchasing Kolster's IP service packages

Business Finland (Tekes) provides innovation vouchers for micro firms and SMEs. This funding opportunity will continue until at least the end of 2019.

"We were the first to bring IP services under the innovation vouchers. We were excited about this because IP is paramount in creating value for companies and developing businesses. We have created five IP quick-start packages that meet the most common needs of start-ups. It has been interesting to see more and more companies using the voucher for IP services. They are beginning to see that it is worth investing in IP at an early stage," says European Patent Attorney Håkan Niemi.

You can obtain expert services in IP and legal matters with a voucher worth EUR 5,000. As a service provider approved by Business Finland, we have developed five quick-start packages that are completely payable with a voucher. We can even fill in the application for you.
Many customers also buy these packages without an innovation voucher.   


  • When you are creating a business strategy in which IP is an essential element.
  • When your core business is based on the exploitation of innovations.
  • When you are preparing to raise funds and want to increase the value of your business.
  • When you are considering licensing or active protection measures such as patenting.

Content of the IP Strategy Package
1. An analysis of the current status and the definition of goals. We go through your business’s operations and its goals together and embed IP in your business strategy.
2. Design and measures. We go through each area of the IP strategy, creating objectives on the basis of your business activities and practical steps to achieving your goals.
3. Drawing up an IP manual. We will draw up a practical IP strategy guide for your business.
4. Follow-up measures. We will draw the threads together and provide advice for the future.


  • When you want someone to identify the patentable features and opportunities of your invention.
  • When you want to know what your competitors are doing in just this area.
  • When a financier requires clarification of patentability, for example before a financing round.

Content of the analysis package
1. We go through the new product or technology together. We analyse the patentable features and properties and explore the patenting prerequisites, opportunities and alternative strategies that apply to your business.
2. We study the patentability requirements and draw up a written report of the analysis.
3. We create a protection strategy for your new product or technology.


  • When you want to start patenting your innovation.
  • When financiers require the patenting of key innovations.
  • When you are seeking a competitive edge through patenting.

Content of the patent application package
1. We prepare a patent application plan.
2. We draw up a patent application in accordance with the plan.
3. We go through the application together and make the necessary changes.
4. We file a patent application with the authorities.  


  • When you are protecting or commercialising your business name, logo or brand.
  • When you are expanding into new countries.
  • When you want to raise the value of your business, for example before a financing round.

Contents of the brand package
1. Analysis of need for brand protection.
2. Protection strategy. 
3. Preliminary search.
4. EU trademark applications.
5. EU design right application. 
6. Registering .fi and .com domain names.


  • When you want to commercialise your innovation.
  • When you want to ensure that your innovation remains under the ownership of your business.

Contents of the licence package
1. We will clarify your licensing needs and goals, and select the target country.
2. We will draft a confidentiality agreement for the agreement negotiations.
3. We will draw up a licence agreement template and practical guidelines for the licensing agreement negotiations.


  • When you are starting a business and need legal or IP expertise.
  • When you are uncertain about issues related to setting up a business.

Contents of the start-up package
1. Together, we will go through the legal issues related to your business and assist you with practical measures.
2. We will help you with IP matters related to starting a business.
3. We will tailor key contract templates for your business (up to 3 templates).

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