Legal support / Legal department as a service

Legal department as a service

You will have access to a lawyer of your own whenever you need help. We will charge a fixed monthly price for the service, according to the workload adapted to the needs of your company. The unused hours or days can be flexibly carried over to the next month.

Our outsourced legal services include e.g. assistance in day-to-day legal and contract matters, from business support agreements to employment, confidentiality and licensing agreements. In addition, the service covers general legal matters, such as administrative, data protection and employment matters. We offer legal consulting related to business or individual projects, intellectual property issues, and product development and collaboration projects. The service also includes conflict assessment, prevention and action planning.

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This is how we work

1. Opening discussion

Before starting an assignment, we will carefully review your business and industry to ensure the best outcome in legal care. If your company's needs change, we will, if necessary, make a situation analysis, ie. a plan of measures for the coming months. In the initial situation survey, we will find out the legal status of your company and go through the most important and urgent measures with you. We will also provide development ideas and recommendations for best practices. Furthermore, we will get to know your company's goals and assess whether achieving them also requires legal changes.

2. Elements not included in the service

The service cannot be used for tax planning. Similarly, litigation and M&A must be agreed upon separately.

3. Applying an outsourced legal department to our other services

All our services are compatible with each other, and we are happy to negotiate on their implementation. Our flat-rate outsourced legal department service is typically used in parallel with, for example, our IPR services.

4. Changing the agreed monthly fee if needed

The workload of an outsourced legal department and an individual lawyer is always tailored to suit the needs of your company. If, as the service progresses, it is noticed that the monthly workload varies, the service can be modified. Unused working time can also be carried over to the following months within the contract period. In recording the agreed working hours, we follow the so-called effective working hours. Therefore, you only pay for the actual working hours of the legal department. We will report all working time spent on a monthly basis.

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The outsourced legal department service is especially suitable for companies that do not have their own lawyer. For larger companies, the service is an excellent help, for example, in easing congestion.

Sanna Häikiö, Associate Partner, Counsel IP & Technology Law

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