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Trademark with monthly fee

Registering your trademarks protects and secures your brand, and our experts ensure that the registration is quick and easy.

Secure your intangible property by registering your company trademarks conveniently with a monthly fee, starting from 29 €/month. After filling in the main information needed for your trademark registration, our experts will make you a proposal for the best approach for registration. A registered trademark is valid for 10 years.

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Finland 29 €/month, Germany 29 €/month, European Union 59 €/month, China 49 €/month

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Price per month (VAT 0%), 36 months temporary contract.

This is how we work

1. TM registering assesment

After filling in the basic information required for registration, our attorney will contact you and review your needs with you. If you decide to carry on with the registration assignment, our experts will take care of the registration process.

2. The service fee coverage

The service fee covers the trademark registration related Kolster expenses and official fees, according to the monthly payment contract. The service does not cover possible office action related expenses.

3. Trademark registration process

We cannot guarantee a trademark registration, as the decision is made by the Patent and Trademark Office. However, assistance from our experts in the registration process increases the likelihood of getting your trademark registered. 

4. Contract period and invoicing

All the work related to the trademark application, as well as the official fees, are paid at the beginning of the registration process. Therefore, the 36 months contract period fees are binding the same way as the onetime fee would be for the registration assignment, even if the trademark won't be registered by the officials. Before applying for the trademark, it is advised to perform a search for the planned trademark.

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Monthly based service contract for trademark registration provides flexibility with investments for, among others, start-up companies. Our experts can help you with many IPR topics. Contact us, we are here to help you!

Nina Laurila, Service Team Manager, Global Paralegal Services, European Trademark and Design Attorney

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