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Protection of trade secrets

Careful protection of trade secrets is one of the key elements in a prosperous business. We help protect your company's trade secrets and assist in selecting the best protection strategy or developing processes and drafting relevant agreements, such as NDA's with partners and employees.

The need to agree on confidentiality matters may arise in co-operation projects, employment contracts or when sharing ideas with potential business partners. If any information on the invention becomes public before the patent application is filed, the patent may be lost. Non-disclosure agreement defines, among other things, which information is confidential. It also limits how and in what context the recipient may use confidential information.

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250 € (+VAT)

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This is how we work

1. Assessing your needs

The assignment begins with an initial discussion on the objectives and other details of the current situation or possible agreement.

2. Carrying out the assignment

We will draft or review agreements. If necessary, we will assist in the negotiations. Additionally, we will work on practical operating models and guidelines.

3. Termination of the assignment

We will review the actions taken, documents created and policies with you, and agree on any additional actions needed.

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A company’s trade secrets are valuable capital. Protecting trade secrets should be done on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the company's strategy, resources and market situation.

Sanna Häikiö, Associate Partner, Counsel IP & Technology Law

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