Kolster expands to the city of Kuopio

The leading IP service provider in Finland, Kolster, has joined forces with the local Patent Agency Pitkänen in the city of Kuopio on 1 April 2017.



Kolster adds the traditional Patent Agency Pitkänen’s patenting services in Kuopio as part of its strong national service network. Since beginning of April, Kolster has a local office in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Vaasa, Turku, Seinäjoki and also now in Kuopio.

Timo Helosuo

- Opening up a branch office in Kuopio brings us closer to our current clients in the Eastern Finland area. We’ll be expanding, at the same time, the local IP services by bringing alongside the traditional patenting services of Patent Agency Pitkänen the vast array of Kolster services for IP strategy, trade mark and legal services, ranging from contracts to conflict management, explains Timo Helosuo,CEO of Kolster.

Hannu Pitkänen_Patenttitoimisto Pitkänen_Kolster

- Finland’s most established IP firm will now come to Kuopio. I am happy to continue working in a larger organisation with a larger skill set of IP experts. We’ll be able to offer comprehensive local services in Eastern Finland for the technological and IP fields that are outside my own core expertise, continues Hannu Pitkänen.

Patenttitoimisto Pitkänen

The Kolster Kuopio office is opened in the current premises of Patent Agency Pitkänen in address Savilahdentie 6. European Patent Attorney Hannu Pitkänen continues his client work as a Kolster representative to make sure the baton transfer to Kolster goes smoothly and without interruptions in service.

Additional information:

Timo Helosuo, Kolster Oy Ab
Tel. +358 40 576 1659

Hannu Pitkänen
Patent Agency Pitkänen Oy
Tel. +358 500 571757


The company histories of Kolster and Pitkänen:




Kolster was founded in 1874 by Rudolf Kolster, an engineer who had emigrated from Germany to Finland. He started working as a patent agent as a part-time job, whilst working as a teacher at the University of Technology and at his own engineering company. Rudolf Kolster filed his first patent application as a representative for two English industry men. Their innovation was about treating wood fibre in paper manufacturing. Kolster has grown from a one-man part-time affair into an international, widely known IP expert company employing over a 100 experts.

Kolster is a fifth generation family company, having worked for over 140 years in the area of intellectual property rights for international clients as their IP partner in Europe, and since the 80's, also as the IP trustee for Finnish companies. The knowledge about the importance of IP protection and the activity in the IP field only started growing notably in Finland after NOKIA had started to grow international at the beginning of the 90’s.

Kolster founded their first branch office to Oulu in 1983, to Tampere in 1987, to Vaasa in 1993, to Turku in 2001, to Seinäjoki in 2006, and to Kuopio in 2017.  

International activities and international clients are a notable part of Kolster history. Kolster has built up a unique international network during its long history, and this network is available to Finnish clients when there surges a need for a local, tailored and trustworthy knowledge from the global IP field. "Then we’ll be able to call our friend for example in the US or China."

Today Kolster’s clientele represents well the vastly growing role of the IP rights in business. Trademarks and patents are of the utmost importance for a start-up company’s funding. The SME’s need the IP protection for entering new markets, and large companies try to control their own market position by utilising their patent portfolios diligently. The Kolster clientele is made up of inventors, start-ups, SME’s and global listed companies. Out of the 100 largest companies in the world more than every fourth company is a Kolster client.


The Patent Agency Pitkänen is a patent agency founded in Kuopio in 1984 by the local M.Sc. Hannu Pitkänen. The story started 33 years ago when Hannu, who had been working in the patents field as a patent engineer for around five years, read in Savon Sanomat, the newspaper in the Eastern Finland area, that a local inventor association had been founded in Kuopio. The association needed help with protecting their intellectual assets. Hannu offered his expertise to the local inventor association, with the slogan ‘here’s the man for the job’, but the funding for the project fell through at the end. They suggested that Hannu would become an entrepreneur and would offer his services to the local inventors. When the Patent Agency Pitkänen was founded, there were only a few patent agencies operating outside of Helsinki, the capital city.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Hannu worked as the first patent engineer for VTT (Technical Research Centre), and he created the first employment invention manual for VTT. Since then, Hannu has taken an active role in the Savo Inventors Association during his long career, and has taken care of the inventors' business ‘as of his own’. Some good inventions such as a smoker bag, the Autorobot correction technology for car crash repairs and the numerous inventions from the legendary inventor Pertti Puumalainen’s ‘inventory factory’ still warm his heart today.