Counterfeit Products: Kolster Market Watch™ & Customs Surveillance

Effective action against counterfeit goods

"In cooperation with experienced investigators, our Kolster Market Watch™ service (which specialises in intellectual property rights) checks for counterfeit products arriving on the Finnish market via auction and retail websites, and retail outlets and events. In addition, Kolster's anti-counterfeiting team deals with the majority of Finnish counterfeit goods stopped by Customs. More than 200 international companies use our service," says Kolster's expert.

"In addition to our Kolster Market Watch™ service, customers can buy our ‘retain in Customs service’, based on which we act as a Customs surveillance agent. Customs will contact us as soon as it detects products that potentially infringe copyright. If we have to go to court, we will handle the entire court process on behalf of the customer," says Kolster's expert.