Sari Leinonen

Sari Leinonen

Customer satisfaction is the most crucial measure of success in services business.

Sari Leinonen leads the Global Paralegal Services business unit at Kolster and is responsible for the delivery, quality, and customer experience of IPR services. She specializes in commercialization, operational excellence and building digital capabilities.

Before coming to Kolster, Sari worked in a startup focused on digital transformation in the field of construction tech. This experience provided her with insights into the unique needs of small growing technology companies. In this role, she served as the Business Growth Director, overseeing the entire business execution including sales, marketing, and research and development. Additionally, Sari was involved in government and publicly funded research initiatives through Business Finland and EU.

Sari has also spent over a decade in the cybersecurity industry in wide array of specialist and leadership roles. These encompass product management, professional services, and business management duties.

Apart from her role in the Global Paralegal Services unit, Sari is a member of Kolster's executive team. She actively contributes to the company's strategic development projects, commercial activities, and operational improvements.