Zhangping Wu

Zhangping Wu

”Can I help to localise your company’s brand in China – or from China to Europe?”

Zhangping is a seasoned Chinese Intellectual Property Specialist. She hails from South China and pursued studies in Beijing and Finland. At Kolster since 2015, Zhangping has assisted our European clients in penetrating the Chinese market, efficiently managing IP issues such as brand and technology protection, IP strategy, and IP commercialization.

Zhangping has aided our European corporate customers, particularly in areas such as brand and technology protection, IP strategy, trademark, and domain name localization. She has conducted various IP analyses based on information from the Chinese trademark register and other sources. Zhangping also assists European companies with partner background checks in China and facilitates business negotiations where IP plays a crucial role. Additionally, she has provided assistance to our Chinese corporate customers with IP matters in Europe.

Prior to joining Kolster in 2015, Zhangping gained work experience in technology industries at Beijing-based companies. During her time in Finland, Zhangping has been involved in sales and promotion of international brands for several years.

Zhangping serves as a Committee Member of the China Trademark Association International Exchange and Development Committee.

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