The difference between a good and bad patent application can be a million euros

A poorly drafted patent application could become expensive for your business. Here is why it is worth investing properly in patent application.

1. At what stage should I contact a patent attorney?

The earlier, the better. Sometimes, even a delay of one day can be decisive. If the invention has been made public in a seminar, for example, it is often too late.  However, even then it is worth having a Kolster expert check the situation.

2. How important is the quality of a patent application?

A bad application can become a million euros dearer than a well-made one. A good patent application will protect the key features of your solution by making the scope of your patent difficult to circumvent. Our professionals know how to define both the invention and its special features in the application, in just the right way. The value of a well-filed patent application becomes particularly clear in contractual and other disputes.

3. How will I benefit from cooperation with a patent attorney?

A well drawn-up application will protect the value of your patent. Our patent attorneys will prepare applications, handle correspondence with Patent Office researchers and manage the patenting process both in Finland and abroad. Our attorneys will draw upon the expertise of all our staff in Kolster, and our extensive international partner network, on your behalf.

4. How do I know which form of patent is best for me?

Just contact our patent attorneys – we are experts on the broad spectrum of patent types and will help you to find just the right one. When drafting a hedging strategy, we always take account of the invention’s importance for both the company and its business environment.

5. There are many options in patent protection How do I know which of them is best suited to my business?

Our patent attorney will ask just the right questions and advise you on how to act and why. You can choose to file an application in a particular country as a national application, in a particular region as a regional application, or through the so-called international application procedure. There are many routes and none are superior in every context.

Our patent attorney will provide you with the following assistance in filing a patent:

  • We will choose the best path for you.
  • We will optimise the target countries and costs on a case-by-case basis.
  • We will talk with you about the countries in which a patent is worth seeking.
  • We will define the invention and its distinctive features in just the right way.
  • We will choose the best and sufficiently comprehensive protection solution from a range of patent types.
  • We will find the most cost effective protection for your invention.
  • We will prepare a patent application.
  • We will engage in correspondence with Patent Office researchers.
  • We will handle all tasks related to national and foreign patent processes.
  • We will recommend further measures and analyse future steps with you.

Contact a Kolster patent attorney as soon as:

1. You start an R&D project.
2. You have made a new invention.
3. You have found a better solution for a finished product, method, or service.
4. You are planning to expand your business into a new product, technological or geographic area.