Create value and success with trademarks

"Trademarks are an integral part of a business's operations. Their importance is highlighted in the marketing of products and services. Customers often find it surprising how cost-effective trademark protection is in proportion to its commercial benefits and potential, "says Kolster's Trademark Attorney.

"Continuous development of our long experience and know-how ensures extensive trademark protection and commercial benefits for our customers." 

We offer the following to protect your trademark:

  • We perform preliminary surveys and other analyses.
    • Is your trademark eligible for protection?
    • Does your trademark infringe someone else's rights?
    • What trademarks are your competitors protecting and where?
  • We will tailor the scope of protection to the application.
  • We will help you to choose a suitable protection system (national, EU, international).
  • We will estimate your trademark and other IPR portfolio as a whole.
  • We will anticipate and estimate the future costs.
  • We will ensure that deadlines are met.
  • We will handle contacts with foreign agents.
  • We can help you to troubleshoot with regard to applications, for example by negotiating with other trademark holders if disputes occur.
  • We will take action over infringements if necessary.