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Blockchain and AI in the world preparing for a trade war


May 4, 2018

The traditional way of viewing and dealing with intellectual property rights has been challenged by new technologies. Will Blockchain remove the need for protection, and who owns inventions that artificial intelligence creates? What about the ever changing challenges of world trade and the possible trade war between the USA and China?

During Kolster’s 144-year history, we have witnessed several revolutionary inventions and changes in the IPR sector. However, as new technologies are taking over the market, the basic need to obtain intellectual property rights and making use of them has remained. Or, to be more specific, become more diverse. The fax and computer in their day revolutionized data processing and communications, the Internet and data analytics brought along speed and transparency.

We live out of innovations and commercializing them. It is natural that we are actively involved in the development of IP branch. During the past 18 months, Kolster has invested heavily in information technology, modernized the work environment for our more than one hundred IP specialists, and developed a career path model in which our specialists have the opportunity to further develop their strengths. We have initialised an important internationalisation project, in which Business Finland also takes part. This project, to be carried out within three years, is the biggest investment Kolster has ever made.

Most of Kolster’s more than 2 500 customers are outside Finland. We are daily faced with the requirement to develop our own operations and the line of business. To succeed, cooperation is needed with our partners and the organizations in the field of intellectual property. Changes in legislation and the possible realization of the European unified patent system are some of topics the effects of which our customers follow with interest. A theme that is more and more in focus is the possible trade war between the USA and other countries; how should companies prepare themselves to manage the consequences, or to make use of the potential that the changing situation offers.

So, what about the Blockchain referred to in the above? The ways to utilise Blockchain are being examined at both local and EU level. This gives us new dynamics to develop our line of business. Artificial intelligence will also be part of Kolster’s own operations to speed up and diversify our services.

No line of business is immune to changes. Kolster has chosen the role of an active reformer. We do it together with our customers and partners. While we are making sure our clients get the best end result, we are actively building Kolster into the best work place to develop as an IP specialist.

Timo Helosuo

CEO | Kolster Oy Ab

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Innovations and their commercialization have been the core of what Kolster has done over 144 years. Artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital solutions are coming to our own practices when working with patents, trademarks and trade secrets. For us AI is an important step when renewing our skill set.