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Kolster Oy Ab, which was established in 1874, is one of Europe's most experienced companies specialising in intellectual property rights and legal services. Our customers include large companies, medium-sized growth companies, and innovative start-ups with global operations. We employ over 100 IP experts in Helsinki, Tampere, Vaasa, Seinäjoki, Oulu and Kuopio and outside Finland in Shenzhen in China and in Munich in Germany.

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We want Kolster to be "the best workplace to develop as an IP professional". If you are interested in a career at Kolster, don’t hesitate. Send us your informal application. We are always on the lookout for the best IP sector talents to join our team, and your competence profile may very well match our needs. We offer modern working premises and equipment, and the opportunity to work flexibly.

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We will continue our recruitment drive in 2021 – we offer innovative-minded IP experts, such as patent attorneys, a range of challenges.


Our extensive customer base, ranging from the world's largest companies to local start-ups, provides experts with the opportunity to tackle a diverse range of challenges and develop into IP professionals. Internationalism is a strong part of our day-to-day operations. During its long history, Kolster has built a unique international cooperation network through which we work closely with customers and partners throughout the world. A total of 65 % of our customers are international companies: our customers include 26 % of Fortune Global Top 100 companies and 31 % of the world's best-known brands on the Forbes 100 list. The Chinese market is a strongly growing business area, in which we operate as an IP partner for Chinese companies and international enterprises entering the Chinese markets.


Lucky coincidence ignited a passion for patents

Tapio Kinnunen_patent attorney_ICT_Kolster

Our Patent Attorney Tapio Kinnunen enjoys the independence of the work, its challenges and utilising his prior expertise. A passion for the industry was ignited by a random encounter, inspiring him to complete the Finnish patent attorney examination alongside his work. He passed the difficult examination on the first try. The next goal is the even more challenging European-level attorney qualification. Read more


Leaping into the unknown paid off – IPR turned into a new profession for an electromechanics expert

Pekka_Ristikaarto_Kolster Oulu_Patents

Pekka Ristikaarto from Oulu exchanged his over ten-year career as a designer and specialist at Nokia for the profession of a patent attorney. Now he has two years and some twenty patent applications under his belt and is taking advantage of everything he learned previously in his current role. Read more


Measurements and mathematics increasingly important in protecting inventions

Arto_Karppinen_Kolster Oulu_Patents

In addition to industry, measuring technology is now gaining importance in various consumer products. In order to ensure the best possible protection for inventions in these sectors, IPR experts must know their way around measuring technologies and mathematical formulas. European Patent Attorney Arto Karppinen, if anyone, knows them from top to bottom. Read more


Legislation, legal practice and the world are in a constant state of renewal – the IPR lawyer develops his expertise at the same pace

Hannes Kankaanpää_LinkedIn

IPR lawyer Hannes Kankaanpää makes an agile transition from consultant to project manager, as job descriptions at the Kolster Legal unit match the scope of each person’s expertise. Courage and the desire to explore things are needed when serving creators of new technologies and products. Read more


European Trademark and Design Attorney demonstrates professional skill


For European Trademark and Design Attorney Kristiina Kaislisto, client trust is a grain of gold that must be earned through interaction and professional competence. Ready-made attorneys do not pop up from schools; instead, they are raised to become professionals. Read more


The opportunity to work with customers is what tempted this organic chemistry expert to return to Kolster

Krister Karlsson_Head of Biotech and Chemistry at Kolster_European Patent Attorney_16x9

As a patent attorney and chemist, what Krister Karlsson enjoys most of all is working closely with clients. Even though his work as a technical judge for the Market Court spanned the whole field of patenting, it was the customer-centric work at Kolster that drew him back. Read more


Patenting visionary creates valuable works for the patent portfolio

Kati Leinonen_16x9

European Patent Attorney Kati Leinonen puts good research and development and high-quality patent writing at the centre of patenting. When she translates inventors’ ideas into legal language, she bears the responsibility for the patent applications generating return on investment for business: patents that can withstand the test of time. Read more


Kolster as life’s work, family as life’s centre

Kim Kolster_16x9

It is Kim Kolster’s turn as the Chairman of the Board of Kolster to carry the baton of the family-owned business while cherishing traditional values in the middle of changes. Being a forerunner and international plays the key role, but at the centre of it all lies the family. Read more


Patent attorney is a risk analyst

Ossi Huhtanen_16x9

European Patent Attorney Ossi Huhtanen is an experienced IP professional and strategist as well as a risk analyst. He is Kolster’s most experienced solver of patent disputes at the European Patent Office and a developer of our international IP partner network. Read more


Europe-expert handles patents from ICT to concrete

Marjut Honkasalo_2_16x9

European Patent Attorney Marjut Honkasalo affects the future of the IP sector in European organisations. As a patent attorney, she has the keys to protect products and services of many fields. Read more


 IP Specialist building bridges between China and Finland

Zhangping Wu_16x9

For Kolster China Desk™ IP Specialist and Business Development Manager Zhangping Wu, challenges are only exciting opportunities, and Finnish “sisu” makes all the difference. China is the future of the IPR field, but the road to success requires unyielding effort and a dedicated mediator. Read more



A legal design expert polishes contracts and commercialises ideas

Sanna Häikiö_Kolster_16x9

Sanna Häikiö knows how a company’s contracts and intellectual property are harnessed for business growth. As a lawyer at Kolster, she also develops new kinds of legal services. Read more


Patent attorney protects the latest innovations in ICT

Joni Vehmas_16x9

Joni Vehmas made the switch from a researcher in radio science to a patent attorney at Kolster, and now enjoys daily challenges and diverse customer contacts. Read more