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Chemistry specialist, European Patent Attorney Krister Karlsson returns to Kolster


November 13, 2018

PhD, European Patent Attorney Krister Karlsson strengthens our chemistry and biotechnology unit as of November 1, 2018. He brings with him extensive technology expertise in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry and chemical processes, in-depth IP strategy know-how, as well as experience in IP disputes from the Market Court.

“I am experienced in evaluating IP activities as a whole and integrating the IP strategy into part of the business strategy. A good IP strategy includes systematic creation of intellectual property rights as well as evaluating the competition and IP risks,” says Krister.

During his career, Krister has worked as a university researcher, patent attorney with Kolster (2005 to 2010), as well as an in-house patent attorney and IPR Manager in the oil refining industry. For the past three years, he was a technically qualified judge at the Market Court − in practice a patent specialist in all appeal and dispute cases concerning patents and utility models.  

“Experience in international dispute resolution in industry and experience in a Finnish IP court have  contributed to gaining insight on how and in which situations it is worthwhile to appeal against the decisions of the patent offices of Finland, Europe, or the United States, and what it takes to be successful in patent disputes.” 

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