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Hannes Kankaanpää complements our expertise in IP, technology and corporate law


October 26, 2018

LL.M, M.Sc. Hannes Kankaanpää joined Kolster as Counsel, IP & Technology Law, on October 18, 2018. He complements the know-how of our IP and legal experts with his diverse experience of more than ten years in technology, IP and corporate law.

The special know-how of Hannes is related to software and the associated intellectual property rights, open source licensing, commercialising and licensing IP in many industry sectors, as well as IP valuation. In addition to licensing agreements, he has extensive experience in R&D, subcontracting, and data protection agreements, as well as public procurement.

“I’m able to help companies extensively in everything that relates to, in particular, software, licensing, and IP valuations. IP is worth using as means of business and not just for risk management ─ IP is merchandise just like any other asset,” says Hannes.

Hannes moved on to Kolster from the IPR Management unit of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, where he was responsible for VTT’s software and software related IPR portfolio ─ in particular software licensing, definition of IP policy, commercial negotiations, and pricing.  His area of responsibility also included giving legal support in, for example, employment inventions and IP dispute and infringement matters, and agreements.

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