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IP makes the world better


February 21, 2019

It is no longer enough that we file patent applications and manage all the other needs of IP protection by our customers. The essential thing is to take a step forward − then, the opportunity for development opens up, as Kolster’s CEO, Timo Helosuo, points out.

“Each new invention perfects the world”

My grown-up children asked me a tough question the other day: in what way is Kolster taking part in the climate protection effort?

My reply was that we endeavour to speed up the commercialisation and bringing to market of new inventions, so that they can as quickly as possible replace old technology. As a starting point, new products and services are always better and more environmentally friendly than old ones. It is in the essence of innovations that they introduce better solutions to the world. This is seen in cars, for example: new cars are considerably better for the environment than old cars.

This is what I told them to further in my everyday work. Because whenever we get new inventions on the market, the world turns a bit cleaner.

“We are a partner, not a conveyor belt”

It is no longer enough that we know how to draft patent applications, register trademarks, or ensure other forms of protection for our customers. We must boldly take a step forward. In addition to a patent, other ingredients are needed, too, if the aim is to conquer the world and make it better − which is exactly what more and more of us want.

The most important question currently in our work is: What’s next? Once a patent or another form of protection has been acquired, this is when, at the latest, some thought should be put into what the intended goal is. The question makes you think over the implications, not just the achievement of making an application. What is it that the patent should develop? How does it serve the company’s business operations, the market, people, the world?

It is our job to pose these questions for our customers. It has more and more to do with strategic tailoring of future solutions. We are not a conveyor belt of patent applications, but a partner that helps you think how to generate the best income from your own innovation investments. This is often a momentous issue for a company. It may be difficult to see yourself what you need the most − and this is where we want to help companies.

“We change the IP sector from the inside”

A large part of innovations is based on a previous invention. Developing often starts with seeing things from a new viewpoint or on a new area of application. A new viewpoint is now needed, in particular, for wise harnessing of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence within the IP sector. When developing this, yet again the important question needs to be asked: What’s next?

A new technology is not a goal as such, but its meaning must be evaluated in the strategic sense and practical way. Only thus can it be brought to serve people in the best possible way.

“We steer the boat onto a new route ourselves”

This year is also Kolster’s 145th jubilee year. The fantastic work by the former generations has created a foundation for our operations, from which it is good to look far ahead and intelligently outline the future.

A better world is not created by restricting but by developing. This in turn includes great potential for the entire IP sector.

We rather steer the boat onto a new route ourselves than watch the boat departing from the shore. We choose the route and want others to join in.

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