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IP rights: An expenditure or competitive edge?


Does the following sound familiar: “It is the year-end rush season and the budget needs to be ready shortly.
How to get expenses under control?

Both large and small organisations mull over this very question. The 80/20 rule still seems to hold true: even today, only a fraction of our attention is given to the true sources of business and added value. The distinction between success and mediocrity arises from the profitable management of holdings – in other words, put your assets to work!

Discussion on IP usually revolves around patents and trademarks. Naturally, this also includes disputes over them. In order to be successful, however, the mere protection of patents and holding them unused is not enough. Intellectual property is a sought-after and growing business. Licensing and the annual maintenance of partner agreements, as well as various targeted analyses on the operating environments of competitors, technologies or sales objects are fast becoming a new norm for successful companies to make use of as part of their business administration.

To us IP professionals, this means more diverse cooperation with our clients. Everyone benefits from the process. It also serves to spark the interest of talented future professionals in our industry. An increasingly central theme is a true interest in growing the client’s business by utilising intellectual property and employing diverse tools and tactics efficiently in order to achieve objectives.

China Trademark Association_IPR_Kustannuserä vai kilpailutekijä.jpgKolster is a strong driver of change in the Finnish IPR industry to provide our clients a better return on their IP investments. Of the current growth markets, China is second to none. Through our Kolster China Desk™ service, we facilitate entry to the Chinese growth markets in terms of both regular contracts, licensing as well as IP issues. Kolster is the first non-Chinese company in the world to be accepted as a Council member of the governmental China Trademark Association. This enables us to provide services and consultancy to trademark holders at an unprecedented level.

Let us together turn IP from an expense to a profitable investment!