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Kolster service team supports you in all administrative IPR work


Straightforward, efficient and flexible. Our new international paralegal service team adds efficiency to your IPR management. A group of top professionals will help your company focus on its core business and improve the investment-benefit ratio in IPR matters, says Salla Lamberg, Director of the Global Paralegal Services unit. 

We took a step closer to our customers by establishing a new international service team for more efficient IPR management. Launched in October, the 36-person Global Paralegal Services unit provides tools and expert services at all phases of the IPR process: from the preparation of new IP applications and completion of official documents, monitoring and management of application processes all the way up to the granting and registration of IP rights. 

“The need for the new service came directly from our customers. Many companies have been forced to go over their IPR budgets with a fine-tooth comb and weigh the ratio between investments and benefits. We want to help our customers focus on their core business by offering even more diverse and competitive services alongside attorney work”, Lamberg says. 

The service team can be used to survey, for example, what kinds of needs the company has in IPR portfolio management or in tasks related to the application process. IPR portfolio management and communication tools are available especially for SMEs to see the current status of their IPR portfolio as well as existing assignments at Kolster. The paralegal team can help out if the company has a sudden shortage of IP administrator personnel. 

“If the company needs a substitute and does not want or is unable to recruit a new full-time employee, we have experts for both occasional and temporary needs. We can work with agreed number of hours of the customer’s IPR administration tasks, invoiced on a monthly basis.” 

“The icing on the cake of each day is the thanks given by the customer for fast work well done”, says Senior IP Specialist Lenita Lindroos, who has provided assistance with administrative tasks in the customer’s organisation. 

The services are implemented with the requirements of present times. The digitalisation and continuous development of IPR application and management processes ensure that the tasks related to applying for and managing IP protection are as straightforward, efficient and flexible as possible. 

“Distance work is the new normal, and digital services make it possible to fill the resource gap in organizations. That is why we offer as many digital and online services as possible”, Lamberg says. 

International and multidisciplinary expertise 

Paralegal operations are the backbone of the IPR industry and are responsible for the various phases, documentation, maintenance, invoicing and many other administrative tasks related to the intellectual property protection process.


“With the help of our new team, we offer even more diverse and efficient services alongside attorney work. The broad scope of our special expertise gets to shine, as there are IP admins, IP specialists, attorneys and business management experts alike involved”, Lamberg says. 

Years of comprehensive experience in the industry and strong expertise in all forms of protection and their administrative processes, related renewals and annual fees as well as in the transfer of rights to a new company (e.g. in the event of a merger or sale of company) are just a few of the paralegal service team’s strengths. Internationality and the utilisation of new technologies are important factors in the team’s operations. 

“International networks, extensive language skills and comprehensive knowledge of domestic and foreign customers enable us to extend our services beyond Finland’s borders. Our team is divided between the Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu offices, and we also have strong cooperation with our operations in China and Germany”, Lamberg says. 

In addition to the unit director Salla Lamberg, the team leaders are Service Team Manager/Senior IP Specialist Ann Holmström and Service Team Manager/IP Specialist Johanna Kurjenmäki. 

“Developing paralegal services and combining different forms of IPR under one roof and team introduces a unified approach internally. The customer also benefits as expertise grows among admins.”

Ann Holmström, Service Team Manager, Global Paralegal Services

“The different needs of our customers help me learn and pay attention to our services. We will develop our paralegal operations on a long-term basis as part of continuous development”, Kurjenmäki says.

The third team leader, Nina Laurila, has just been recruited: "We will act as an example for others in customer-driven operations”.

“It is important for us to develop services together with our customers. Even closer interaction is in our team’s DNA and the source of our motivation. If you need expert and efficient IP solutions, please contact us. We are here for you!”, Lamberg says.

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Salla Lamberg
Director, Global Paralegal Services
+358 40 923 0094

Nina Laurila
Service Team Manager, Global Paralegal Services, European Trademark and Design Attorney
+358 50 332 4707

Ann Holmström
Service Team Manager, Global Paralegal Services, Senior IP Specialist
+358 50 364 7365

Johanna Kurjenmäki
Service Team Manager, Global Paralegal Services, IP Specialist
+358 40 739 6979