Kolster is strengthened with international experience


Kolster’s new experts Peter Banks and Maria Kivi-Mannila strengthen Kolster with their experience in protecting immaterial rights in the UK.

Peter Banks’s work experience includes three years as an examiner in the UK Intellectual Property Office and four years as a Patent Attorney in a patent agency in the UK. He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge in Natural Sciences.

“I look forward to bringing my expertise in UK patent law and practice to the company”, says Banks. Banks has experience in helping a diverse group of clients, all the way from lone inventors to universities and multi-national companies.

Maria Kivi-Mannila has worked in the UK as a Patent Administrator. Having studied in the Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Vienna, Kivi-Mannila holds a degree in European and International Business Law.

Among other things, she is experienced in the process of protecting designs in the UK. “I look forward to getting to know customers and forming new customer relationships”, says Kivi-Mannila.

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