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Kolster joins the China Trademark Association


china-trademark-association.jpgOn 14 June 2017, Kolster was accepted as a first full foreign member of China’s National Trademark Association.

The China Trademark Association was founded in 1994, with the purpose of serving China's national trademark strategy and supporting Chinese brands. Its mission is to influence legislative projects, increase awareness of Chinese trademarks, arrange academic training and engage in the related research, and maintain international contacts and cooperation in the trademark sector. The association is also responsible for organising China's annual "INTA", i.e. the country’s Trademark Festival.

"It is a great pleasure to see that our expertise is recognised in China and that we have achieved membership of an association which, in principle, accepts only local trademark attorney and law firms. As Finland's leading expert on Chinese IPR issues, it is important for us to maintain access, via the China Trademark Association, to the latest information on the regulation of trademarks and on changes and developments in the Chinese trademark sector, in order to provide our customers with the best possible expertise," says Kolster's Head of Asian Market and Kolster China Desk™.

As a Finnish and European member of the Association, Kolster also actively highlights the needs of European trademark holders on the Chinese market.

- China is rapidly becoming more import to our customers. We also provide our customers on the Chinese market with business agreements and dispute resolution services, says CEO Timo Helosuo.

kolster-china-desk-team_CTA-7:5Kolster China Desk™ -team, including CEO Timo Helosuo, visited the China Trademark Office in May 2017.