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Kolster nominated new Partners and Associate Partners


Kolster has nominated three new Partners as well as three Associate Partners. With the expertise of these IP professionals, Kolster will continue expanding their knowledge, strengthening customer-oriented practices and creating future practices.

Partners have an essential role in Kolster’s 146-year-old and what it will become in the future, says Kolster CEO Timo Helosuo.

“Kolster equals our exceptional IP professionals. We value strong customer-oriented approach, i.e., proactivity and creating value to our clients. Mentoring and sharing knowledge among colleagues is a vital part of our culture, as well as creating new practices and services. These elements are found in all of our Partners and Associate Partners, regardless of their age. For us, becoming a Partner has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with talent and skills. That’s why we have both experienced IP-professionals and young agents of the talented younger generations.”

Our new Partners are:

Sanna Häikiö

Partner, Counsel, IP & Technology Law

“To me, the lawyer should be a sparring partner and an active developer of the client’s business, not someone who simply points out risks and throws around legal jargon.”

Sanna Häikiö provides assistance to our clients especially in the commercialisation and licensing of technologies and on issues of contract and corporate law. She has an excellent eye for consulting companies on publicly financed research projects, e.g. by the EU or Tekes, and broad experience in the sale and licensing of technologies to international customers.

Kristiina Kaislisto

Partner, European Trademark and Design Attorney

“My task is to make your life easy in the IP world.”

Kristiina Kaislisto has extensive experience in protecting and defending corporate brands since 1991. Ask her anything on the specialised topics related to trademarks, designs or the development of IP strategies! Kristiina has vast experience in the management of large-scale TM portfolios. Her specialisations also include international trademark systems, particularly EUTM and WIPO.

Arto Karppinen

Partner, European Patent Attorney

”No matter the industry, Karppinen will turn it into an application!”

Arto Karppinen has worked as a patent agent since 1995 and has truly got diverse expertise in the field. His specialities include – but are not limited to – optics, electronics and optoelectronics. He’s also well-versed in optical measurements, microwave technology and acoustic measurements, and understands mechanical engineering.

Our new Associate Partners are:

Hannes Kankaanpää

Associate Partner, Counsel, IP & Technology Law, Licensed Legal Counsel

“IP is worth using as means of business and not just for risk management – IP is merchandise just like any other asset.”

The special know-how of Hannes Kankaanpää is related to software and the associated intellectual property rights, open source licensing, commercialising and licensing IP in many industry sectors, as well as IP valuation. In addition to licensing agreements, he has extensive experience in R&D, subcontracting, and data protection agreements, as well as public procurement.

Simon Mügge

Associate Partner, German & European Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney

”Important R&D projects deserve a sound IPR foundation.”

Simon Mügge has strong patent expertise from the German IPR field as well as extensive specialized expertise in protecting innovations related to life sciences and chemistry innovations. He has special knowledge and experience in post-grant opposition and appeal proceedings, as he has successfully represented his clients in both defensive and offensive roles in challenging patent disputes and IP infringement cases between competing companies. Simon’s patent clients include a wide range of start-ups and SMEs, as well as global corporations, universities and research institutes. 

Joni Vehmas

Associate Partner, European Patent Attorney

”I enjoy learning about and exploring the latest inventions of very varied clients and analysing them from the perspective of patenting.”

Joni Vehmas has worked in the IP sector since November 2016, when he joined Kolster as patent agent. He has since amassed experience in drafting patent applications and managing application processes, particularly in relation to telecommunications technology and software inventions. Before joining Kolster, Joni worked as a post doc researcher at the Department of Radio Science and Technology at Aalto University, where he studied radio wave propagation in various urban environments.