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Kolster represented Finland at the REACT Annual Meeting



REACT-Anti-counterfeiting network

The REACT annual meeting was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands between 12-13 April 2018. In addition to the general meeting, the programme included an expert seminar and meetings between trademark holders and experts. IP Lawyer Maria Ojala from Kolster attended the annual meeting.

REACT – The Anti-counterfeiting Network is the leading international organisation in the fight against counterfeit goods. Last month, the network convened for its annual meeting, held traditionally in Amsterdam. The two-day event was attended by a large group of participants from across the world: trademark holders and members of the network, the network’s own experts, and REACT partners from countries without local representation. Kolster is the only REACT partner within Finland.

REACT is an international non-profit organisation with over 25 years of experience in the fight against counterfeit goods. Members of the organisation include over 260 trademark holders in all industrial sectors. REACT provides trademark holders with a cost-effective method to address infringements of their IP rights across the world. As the REACT partner for Finland, Kolster represents over 200 trademark holders in anti-counterfeiting matters in Finland.

At the meeting in Amsterdam, major topics included the highly popular online stores and marketplaces, such as Alibaba, Amazon and Ebay. Of these, Alibaba is particularly active in its commitment to clean its store of counterfeit goods and has created services and tools to assist trademark holders in their detection.

Kolster Market Watch™ monitors counterfeit products

In meetings with trademark holders, our Kolster Market Watch™ service package, which aids customers in anti-counterfeiting activities on the Finnish market, was received with interest. The service makes it easier to locate and remove counterfeit goods and other infringing products from the Finnish market. In addition, the service helps our customers to gain valuable information on their own brand and products on the Finnish market. The service covers the monitoring of different shops, outlets and events, as well as online marketplaces and stores in Finland.

IP Lawyer Maria Ojala“The Kolster Market Watch™ service has rapidly proven itself to be an excellent way of tackling infringements of rights quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. As the frequency of products stopped at customs has decreased significantly in Finland over the past few years, the service is valuable particularly for those trademark holders who are aware of or suspect the existence of counterfeit goods on the Finnish market,” Maria explains.

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