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Our chain of top experts is growing


December 16, 2019

In 2019, Kolster’s team grew by twelve seasoned professionals in the IP industry. We gained more expertise in the German and Chinese markets as well as in the fields of ICT, chemistry and the circular economy, among others. We are continuously recruiting new top experts to join our ranks. 

The IPR industry has its own demanding characteristics, so it may take up to five years before an expert can call himself or herself a professional in this field. Kolster is pleased to be able to increase the number of experienced professionals at our locations around Finland. New expertise can now be found in the Helsinki, Tampere, Vaasa, Kuopio and Oulu teams, without forgetting our international reinforcement in Munich, Germany. 

Our IPR professionals will find the best solutions regardless of company size and market, as our expertise extends to every line of business. 

We asked what motivates the new experts of Kolster.

From national to global – a chance to succeed

“I wish to create better relationships between Finnish and Chinese companies. I can act as an interpreter for companies that wish to protect their inventions in China or Europe and to start new business operations.”
Julia Urbanec, Patent Agent

“From an IPR perspective, I want to give even small businesses every opportunity for worldwide success with their own inventions.”
Kati Vesterinen, European Patent Attorney

“Helping businesses has always been close to my heart, especially in their transition phases and developing new business opportunities to compete alongside the leading names on the global business stage. Even SMEs should think big and play the game the same way the major players do.”
Leena-Maija Marsio, Director, Legal and Trademarks 

“I know the German work culture and the internal practices of patent offices. I help Kolster’s clients protect their inventions with both the European Patent Office and the national German Patent and Trade Mark Office.”
Ulla Lenkkeri-Schütz, German & European Patent Attorney, Kolster Germany Munich

Interaction and mutual understanding at the heart of work

“One factor that stands out in the chemical industry is the need for perseverance. The impetus for the work is always the needs of the client. In other words, it is vitally important to be able to negotiate with the client to find the best course of action for them.”
Krister Karlsson, European Patent Attorney, Head of Biotech & Chemistry

“I want to serve as an IP interpreter to make the purchase of IP services that support business growth as pleasant and clear as possible for the buyer as well.”
Liisa Nieminen, Patent Agent

“I want to discuss the patentability of an invention and introduce an economic, strategic and risk management perspective, as well as show how IPRs can be used to protect and commercialise new circular economy inventions.”
Christoffer Karlsson, Patent Attorney

IPR assistance in all size categories

“One and the same solution really does not fit all, as concerns IP. The client may equally well be a start-up company or a technology giant. In all business activities, it is important to know how to protect products, processes, and the brand.”
Timo Joutsenoja, Senior IPR Business Manager

“My patent clients have included start-ups, SMEs, global corporations, and universities and research institutes. Consequently, I am well aware of the different IPR needs and strategies of both the world of academia and companies of all sizes.” 
Simon Mügge, German & European Patent Attorney

Centralised special expertise and comprehensive know-how

“I want to help our clients in protecting inventions, in particular, but also in other IPR and legal matters. This way I can channel Kolster’s extensive expertise to Kuopio and Eastern Finland.”
Sini Petsalo, Patent Agent, Licensed Legal Counsel

“IoT solutions are a significant application area that includes a lot of product development and many innovations in various sectors, even outside the telecommunications industry. I am motivated by the chance to affect where product development and new inventions will take companies and how inventions can support a company’s strategy and business operations.”
Ville Nieminen, Patent Agent

“I aim to find new uses for inventions, so that patents can have as wide-ranging protection as possible. This also makes it easier to commercialise the results of product development.”
Tapio Kinnunen, Patent Attorney

Interested in an IP career at Kolster? There is room in our ranks. Check out our vacancies here.