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Tapio Kinnunen is our new patent attorney in the ICT & Electrical Engineering team


October 16,  2019

Tapio Kinnunen started as a patent attorney in the ICT & Electrical Engineering team in Helsinki on 1 October 2019. He is an authorised patent attorney in Finland, and he brings to Kolster his experience of the patenting processes of a multinational industrial company as well as the perspective of an in-house patent professional.

MSc (Tech) Tapio Kinnunen studied industrial and electrical engineering at the University of Oulu. He is currently also pursuing another degree in computer science at the University of Helsinki while working full-time. He moved to Kolster from ABB’s Digital unit, which is developing a new technology platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. Tapio worked with product development and patenting at ABB for nearly three years. He is qualified as a patent professional through his work as an in-house patent engineer and by passing the Finnish patent attorney examination.

“ABB is a long-term client of Kolster, which means that I will be able to maintain a connection to ABB in my new role as well. During my time at ABB, I have already worked with Kolster, and especially with Marjut Honkasalo, who has drafted and prosecuted patent applications for ABB’s software inventions. She has also supported me in developing my own patent expertise,” Kinnunen describes his natural transition into a new role in the patent profession.

Tapio’s strongest technological expertise involves various kinds of applications and innovations related to the Industrial Internet of Things, as well as industrial digitalization in general. Telecommunications and software engineering, cyber security, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, time series databases, cloud and edge computing, as well as automation systems are familiar areas of technology to him through the IPR protection of new innovations, products and services.   

His studies in industrial engineering, as well as his Master’s thesis for developing a computer program for assessing the profitability of industrial investments, also cultivated Kinnunen’s ability to view patenting from the business perspective. This perspective has been given further depth by his experience in the protection decisions, IPR strategies and IPR portfolio management of a global industrial company.

“At ABB, I have learned that success in commercializing inventions is largely dependent on the level of IPR expertise. As a patent attorney, I strive to find new uses for inventions in order to obtain the broadest possible scope of protection for patents. This also makes it easier to commercialize the results of product development.”

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