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Sari Leinonen Appointed Head of Global Paralegal Services Business Unit


Sari Leinonen assumed the role of Director of the Global Paralegal Services unit in September 2023. Her goal is to bring clients closer to the team, establish effective service pathways, and create an environment where everyone can shine.

Sari Leinonen, the fresh leader of the Global Paralegal Services team, has been working in technology companies since her graduation.

"In my new role, I have the opportunity to apply my expertise in a versatile manner, but I also aim to introduce new practices to teamwork. For example, customer-centricity, speed, and an experimental culture from the startup world can also be applied to the traditional legal services industry."

Before joining Kolster, Leinonen held various leadership positions in a startup in the construction sector called Sitedrive, and prior to that, she served as the Product Management Director at the cybersecurity company Forcepoint. In addition, she has worked in expert roles at companies such as Nokia, the Finnish Defense Forces, and McAfee. Leinonen holds a degree in business administration and a master's degree in management, along with a service design certificate.

Leinonen has extensive experience in leading businesses and expert teams, innovation and product development processes, marketing, LEAN methodologies, and the development of a positive work culture. She has also led strategic change and research projects and delved into innovation protection.

Leinonen believes in a strong partnership approach, and her goal is to bring clients closer to the team.

"It's essential that we have a deep understanding of the client's industry and business needs. This way, we can fulfill Kolster's mission and help companies enhance their competitiveness on the path to commercial growth and internationalization."

Sari Leinonen mentions that she finds inspiration in many aspects of her work, but it's especially rewarding to witness when someone has an "aha" moment and gets excited.

"I want to create the conditions for people to be happy and excel."

Another significant source of inspiration for Leinonen is innovation, as her new role introduces her to a whole new world of inventions.

"I'm a nerd at heart. That's why I'm super excited about new inventions and how they make our world a better place to live. Kolster offers a vantage point to the future: I can't wait to see what interesting things are happening now."

Everyday sports activities provide an important escape

In her free time, Leinonen takes her Choco miniature schnauzer to the nearby meadow to play frisbee. Sports activities are also an essential outlet for her. Leinonen plays floorball in the women's third division and also enjoys yoga, running, and padel. Her husband and daughters are also active in sports, so there are no leisure time issues.

"Sports activities help me cope with everyday life. I used to be a 'push-through-it' type of person, but in recent years, I've mellowed out. Nowadays, I prioritize health and well-being, although in floorball matches, I always go in with the aim of winning."


Sari Leinonen
Director, Global Paralegal Services
+358 40 525 9288