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Sini Petsalo strengthens our local service in Kuopio


February 13, 2019

Sini Petsalo, MSc (Tech) and Master of Laws, entered patent sector and Kolster on February 1, 2019 at the Kuopio office.

Sini has ten years of experience from specialist tasks in the energy sector, and a few years’ experience of court work as a lawyer. At Kolster, she expands her competence into the IP sector and acts as a local contact person for inventors and companies in IP and legal services covered by Kolster’s extensive offering.  

“I am most interested both in new technology and law. In IP sector I am able to utilise my expertise broadly. I want to help clients in protection of their inventions, in particular, but also in other intellectual property and legal matters. This way I can channel Kolster’s extensive expertise to Kuopio,” Sini says.

Sini is most familiar with technology areas such as energy and process technology, environmental technology and electric power engineering, in particular power plant and combustion technology, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Sini has a combined viewpoint of an engineer and a lawyer, and she has her roots in Kuopio.

“Working with both technology and law involves, in a way, problem solving, but the means differ. I am most eager to dive into the challenges of IP here in Kuopio.”

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