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Step marks for the post-COVID world


In 2021, we will be emerging from the turmoil caused by coronavirus. But the uncertainty is not over yet. Our CEO Timo Helosuo listed five trends shedding a guiding light on our path in this windy world.

The arrival of COVID-19 vaccines is like light on a dark and stormy sea. There it finally is! But the storm is not over yet, and the harbour is still a long way off. What should you look to in order to find your way now? 

Kolster’s position as a global IPR expert provides a great vantage point to changes in the world. It is in the common interest of us and our clients to come out on top from this exceptional era. Five beacons will help us head towards the post-pandemic world.

1. The world around us is uncertain. Then what are we looking for? Preferably simple answers to complex questions. For companies, this means a clear direction in which to proceed: IPR strategy plays a key part in this. Once the direction is clear, you can look at all the actions you are considering with that in mind: company acquisitions, patenting innovations, trademark protection, and scaling production. The importance of leadership is emphasised in times of uncertainty, and companies with a clear strategy come out on top. 

2. Finland is Finland – take advantage of it! The use of mobile devices and services is advanced in Finland on a global scale, and the digital leap to remote work and school has worked out amazingly well. We have pulled through the coronavirus pandemic with less damage than others – perhaps better than anyone. Because our domestic market is so small, trade almost automatically means foreign trade. It is a good time for Finnish companies to grab bigger market shares, and as a genuinely international player, Kolster is your partner in this.

3. Companies are living in turbulence. The strong growth in company acquisitions will continue, as already demonstrated by the last quarter of 2020. The market is being redistributed and competitive positions reviewed in these exceptional circumstances. Businesses and entire industries are fighting for room to exist, while stimulus packages distribute public money on the market. Disruption continues, and the best will come out on top. How will your company position itself in this time? 

4. Innovations are making the world better. There is now strong investment in environmental technology, and efficient, safe and environmentally friendly products and services are being invented every day. By properly protecting your most valuable assets, you will outperform your competitors in the future as well and be able to scale your innovations to a wider market. 

5. People change and learn. We have learned to keep a safe distance and wash our hands, which is a hugely significant thing on a global scale. Fewer cases of the flu and stomach bugs, and – best of all – fewer cases of COVID-19. What else can we learn? In the near future, we will see the impact of everything we have experienced on trends in housing, work and mobility. A valuable lesson from this exceptional time has been an understanding of the importance of human interaction. We need fewer prohibitions and more sharing of the good things we have in common. Together, we will make it possible. 

Happy New Year 2021!

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