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Eva-Maria Packalén

“In my work, I am fascinated by the fast pace of design protection, direct customer contacts, and the opportunity for a vantage point to the protection of new designs.”


Eva-Maria Packalén has experience in the IP sector since 1989. She has worked as an IP assistant for both patents, trademarks and designs, and has trained herself as an IP professional with extensive knowledge of the sector. Eva-Maria has wide-ranging skills in application processes and an excellent understanding of how various forms of protection compliment each other in diverse targets of application in the protection of innovations and new designs. Since 2013, the focus of her responsibilities has been on the protection of designs. Ask Eva-Maria for practical advice on all issues related the protection of designs, in particular.


  • All stages of the process for national design applications, community design applications, and designs applied from the international registration system
  • Preliminary evaluation of designs, cost optimisation of design applications
  • Country-specific practices and requirements for designs: photographs and illustrations
  • Transfers of rights
  • Assisting IP lawyers in infringement and opposition matters related to designs