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Tua Rehnberg

”The best reward for my work is a thankful client and a solved problem.”


During her long career since 1995, Tua Rehnberg has worked with a wide range of tasks related to patents. She has most experience in managing all stages of foreign patent applications, from official action, acceptance and granting to their maintenance, i.e. the management of yearly patent fees. She is also well-versed in managing the processes for European patent application from their initiation to granting and national validations, as well as the entire process for Finnish patent applications. Currently, her work focuses on the yearly fees of patent and design registration renewals. Tua will also advise on all matters related to the granting of patents and the management of patents and design registrations.


  • Finnish patent and utility model applications
  • Acceptance and granting of foreign patent applications
  • Yearly fees of patent applications and patents
  • Design renewals and yearly fees
  • Transfers of rights