IP Due Diligence in corporate acquisitions and various financing arrangements

Your business is entering uncharted waters – avoid the risks

Are you buying or selling a business? Are you seeking financing for your business, or planning to invest in a company? An IP Due Diligence valuation, which provides key, tailored information in support of decision-making, is important when facing change.

  • Technical IP analysis. Comprehensive synthesis of the company's entire IP portfolio:
    • Registered rights i.e. patents, utility models, trademarks, design rights, domain names and business names.
    • Non-registered rights i.e. copyrights and other intangible assets, databases, software and, for example, source code, business secrets and other know-how and the related agreements.
  • Financial/tax analysis
  • Legal analysis. Clarifying the company's key contracts and other rights and obligations, with an emphasis on possible legal disputes.

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