IP Strategy & IP Audit

We will help you to develop an IP strategy that speeds your business towards success

The role of intellectual property rights has grown markedly for businesses. Partner, European Patent Attorney Ossi Huhtanen has invaluable experience of IP sparring with executives.

"This work is an integral part of a business's operations. With its IP strategy, a company sets focus areas for future decision-making and ponders its long-term business development. We manage issues such as the exploitation of rights, the scope of the IP portfolio and strategic positioning."

"Strategic planning of IP is particularly important to financing, when investors are seeking a competitive edge and to maximise their returns through IP. In addition, the internationalisation phase is an ideal time to engage in the strategic review of IP matters."

"It’s great to see that more and more customers have begun actively developing their IP portfolios and measuring the value they generate."

Ossi Huhtanen emphasises that it is worth planning IP carefully and organising it well, to avoid the need for expensive changes of direction later. We will also help our customers to leverage IP-related public financing instruments, such as innovation funding from Business Finland (formerly Tekes).

Key questions

  • Do you want to use a patent to curb and prevent competition?
  • Do you need a positive investment decision from your financier? Protect your intellectual property rights and ensure freedom of action.
  • Are you investing in the protection of design rights and trademarks?
  • Are you controlling your rights sufficiently well?
  • Are you getting a return on your IP portfolio?
  • Do you take account of IP matters in your business’s contracts?

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